Skincare is a vital step to prevent ageing, breakouts and to completely remove all make-up in a thorough process.

Skin History
I suffered acne while I was younger (puberty), which left scarring across my face. I do get the occasional breakout depending on what I eat and if I am travelling or not. So my skin is quite temperamental.  I have combination skin, an oily t-zone and dry skin. And these are my steps to thoroughly cleanse.

At first, I could not stand the smell, but once you get over that, it's an amazing product. The oil removes waterproof mascara and eyeliner amazingly.  I pump  1-2 pumps depending on how much make-up I wore on dry hands and gently rub all over my face, I leave my eyes until last. I then wet my hand, which then creates a milky texture and I go over my face and eyes. And wiping off with a warm damp face towel and wash again.

This is truly amazing and affordable, I have had many compliments from family and friends saying my face is more radiant. I've gotten my whole family hooked on this, it makes the skin hydrated and thoroughly cleansed.  Oh, and it comes with a muslin cloth which helps to gently exfoliate the skin which is a plus. I rarely need to whip out my exfoliating scrub since using this from last July. 

I squeeze a pump out and rub all over my face and eyes. it comes out as a cream form, and gently massage my face and then gently wipe away with a damp, warm muslin cloth and wipe away until fully clean. I have had no problem using this on my eye area, although my sister has more sensitivity around her eyes. Afterwards, you'll feel your skin soo much more hydrated, it's great for girls and guys with dehydrated skin.  

I'm the type of person that runs for my toner after my shower or bath, I don-t like it when I feel my skin is tightening up because it's dry. I have used this for 4 years now and it has not failed me. I squeeze a small dollop in the palm of my hands, rub together and then over my face. I know some people like to place the product on a cotton pad, but this is what works best for me. The texture of the toner is slightly thicker than your normal toner. I use this in the morning before applying moisturiser and at night before the night before applying facial oil.

4th Step Morning - Dr Jart+ V7 Relief Vita Drop  
This is an ultimate hydrating brightening moisturiser which I got in my BirchBox. I absolutely love this! It has a water-gel texture and feels heavenly on the skin and smells great. I only apply this on my cheeks and forehead avoiding my oily t-zone. My skin feels amazing throughout the day and is soo soft. I will be purchasing this when I use it all.

4th Step Night - Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil  
This is a cult item, which needs no explanation. It works well with my oily t-zone and counteracts with my oily skin leaving it hydrated and plumper by the morning. If you have a day off in the morning why not sit with it on? It's that good.

I hope you enjoyed this segment, I do use eye cream but have not found my 'the one'  so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated to help with dark under eye circles and fine lines.

Until next time. See you soon x

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