Mini Monochrome Wardrobe

So it's time to spruce up my wardrobe and my go-to shopping destination is ASOS, I have been buying a few pieces since September so this is more of a collective haul which all happens to be black and white.


Peripera Inklasting Cover Foundation Review

Looking to try Korean foundation that offers natural flawless skin but with coverage? Today we are reviewing Peripera Inklasting Cover Foundation. When it comes to foundations catered to Asian skin tones, I normally opt for a cushion foundation or BB cream and I am pleasantly surprised.


Must have winter shoes

I don't know about you but when it comes to winter I rethink my shoe wardrobe and what the essentials are: Today I am going to show my favourite picks:


BeautyBay Beauty Wish List

With so many launches I like to keep a list of the products I am interested in, this time scoring through Beauty Bay.


Shiseido Senka UV Essence Sunblock SPF 50+ PA++++ Review

It's been a couple of weeks since my YesStyle Haul landed in my lap and I have been testing and testing new products. Today features the Senka UV Essence Sunblock that has a sun protection factor of 50+.


Affordable but which is better? L'oreal More Than Concealer VS Revolution Conceal and Define

There's nothing I love more than affordable full coverage concealer that conceals my dark circles and blemishes and highlights the highpoints of my face. I have reviewed these two concealers in the past individually but against each other which one do, I prefer?


Empties aka trash talk 2.0

It gives me so much satisfaction finishing up a product, here are the empties I've worked through


Autumn picks from & other stories

I always love creating these fashion wishlists/guides from retailers, it really helps identify what is coming in stock for the colder season. I adore the colour emerald and it's such a classic colour that I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe. All these pieces I've selected are from & other stories.


Another Yesstyle Haul

It's been a while since I've gone on Yesstyle, my main aim was to pick up some sunscreen, after reading many reviews and browsing on the website through millions of items I picked up a few things.


A little pick me up Cult Beauty haul

Ever feel like you need something to cheer yourself up? Here's my cure, a Cult Beauty Haul.


Beauty Wishlist

There are so many new makeup and skincare launches that I can hardly keep up mainly because my bank balance is crying and I only have one face. Does that stop me from looking? NO, Today I am sharing a little wishlist of the products that have been on my mind!


Autumn picks from Zara

It's officially Autumn and even though I won't be wearing warmer clothes until January I can't stop myself at looking at cosy jumpers and big warm coats. Autumn is such a wonderful season and I'm sure many people are excited to layer up too... These are the piece that I have spotted at Zara that gives me Autumn vibes.


Biore Perfect Sun Milk SPF50 PA++++ Review

Drugstore shopping always means you are leaving with more items and possibly not even picking up what you were searching for. I picked up the Biore Perfect Milk Sunscreen to test out and here are my thoughts on this affordable SPF.


Week of face mask

Face masks are skin saviours and I have amassed quite a collection, these are the face masks that I have been reaching for lately and here's why


Revolution Skincare Pink Clay Detoxifying Mask Review | Dupe?

Revolution is known for their 'dupe' products and venturing into the skincare territory, I picked up the Pink Clay Detoxifying Face Mask which easily reminds me of the Sand and Sky and also Alya Skin which is both Australian brands best known for their best pink clay. Is this is a successful dupe or shall we stick to the original?


YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain 07 Nu Interdit Review

Who else falls for the packaging? The YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Lip Stain has been on the market for a while but this is my first product from YSL, is it a must-have in your makeup bag?


Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Range | Is it worth it?*

I am forever grateful I am on the Pixi PR list and received the Vitamin C line to try out. The Pixi Vitamin C range is one of their most recent launches which I trialled as my AM routine for a whole month. Here are my thoughts on these 5 products.


Weekend Military Chic

Taking a look through & other stories, I was inspired by some of the items and put together this little outfit which gives me earthy military vibes perfect for the casual weekend.


Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Range Review | Does it work? *

It has been a month that I have started the Pixi Gow Tonic Range that I was kindly sent. I have always used the Glow Tonic in my AM routine and have now used the whole range as part of my evening routine.


Current most reached for blushers

Who would have thought I would turn into an avid blush wearer? My blush collection is overtaking my highlighters and that tells you a lot. I go through a phase where I only use a couple of shades and these are the ones I have been reaching for in the past month.


How to dress down a suit

Who always loved the idea of a two-piece power suit? I adore the look of a coordinated look and it's easy to look smart but difficult to dress it down. Here are my ideas to make it 'smart but casual'.


BBB | Blink Brow Bar Nourishing Brow Oil Review

Have you tried a Brow oil that promotes hair growth and strengthens and conditions your brows? I have been using the Blink Brow Bar Nourishing Brow Oil for almost 3 months and here are my thoughts on it.


Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream Review

Heard of Beauty of Joseon? I stumbled across this moisturiser that had incredible reviews that claim to brighten and nourish your skin and even has anti-ageing benefits. What's more important it's called Dynasty Cream which reminds me of a game I play on the PlayStation. It is a Korean beauty blogger favourite and here's what I thought of it.


Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner Review

I have been working through a lot of toners and after a month of continued use, here are my thoughts on the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner.


How to style a long dress

Ever felt like your dress needs a little something extra? I recently wore a long white maxi dress and I was inspired to create this little edit of how I wore it. 


Everyday summer makeup

Summer has meant more glowy and natural makeup, skipping eyeshadow and focused on all the highlight and skin. These are the products I have been reaching for recently to achieve that 'natural' glow.


Why you need mini's in your life

I am a huge fan of mini products, it lets your sample a new product and reduces how much you spend. There are some items that a mini size is just as sufficient and is just as pretty. We are not talking about the little sachets of products but a physical mini version of the original product.


Trash Talk aka Empties

Welcome back to another empties, I have been working through a lot of products and here are some quick reviews of these and whether I would repurchase again in the future. I have a mix of makeup, skincare and haircare products.


Must have travel skincare items

Travelling or a short weekend break sounds like a perfect getaway until you need to pack up your skincare essentials and pray it's not piling onto the number of clothes and makeup you are bringing. For me, I take these 6 must-have items.


How to achieve glowy skin on oily skin

Who doesn't want to look glowy and radiant throughout the day but dun dun dun you have oily skin and you look like an oil slick two hours in with you makeup slipping off. Here are some tips and products to achieve glowy luminous skin on a daily basis.


L'oreal Infallible More Than Concealer | Is it as good as it says?

Good affordable concealers are hard to come by, what's more, it's waterproof, it's full coverage and it's lightweight. The L'oreal Infallible Concealer comes in 25 shades that help brighten, correct and highlight. It also claims to cover blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin tone which I've put to the test.


3 shimmering blushes for summer

Summer is in full swing and with 'glass skin' being a trend, I have been reaching for more shimmery blushes for a more radiant glow. These are my 3 favourite picks with drugstore and high ends picks.


Non-essential beauty products

Do we ever feel like we are overdoing it? There are so many tools and beauty products on the market that we can incorporate into our daily routine that has some sort of benefit. Here are the non-essential beauty items that make it in my essential list.


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer on oily skin review

Whenever you type in 'best primer for oily skin' in the search engine, the Smashbox Photo Finish always comes in top 10 seen on Get The Gloss, Bustle, and She Knows. I've had the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in both original and pore minimising and I decided to put them to the test.


Bare minimum skincare

Layering my skincare has been a natural step with me using over 10 products a day, I've adapted the 10 step skincare routine a few years ago and I just keep changing and adding new products into my routine. If I had a minimum skincare selection that being: toner, serum and moisturiser these would be my picks and here's why.


Makeup tips for oily skin

Holla at those who have oily skin and want longlasting makeup. We are talking trying not to look like a hot melted mess at the end of the day. I've been through a fair share of products so here are some tips.


Must have summer accessories

Accessories are such a good way to spruce up your outfit and tailor towards your personal style to make you look fabulous. If you follow me on Pinterest I am obsessed with a few things this summer.


Q&A on Instagram Story

Remember when Instagram introduced stories and we were all against it, being team Snapchat? I am a full Instagram story convert and one of the main tools I use are the 'polls' since I find it super fun to do little quizzes, today I am going to go through some of the results from my followers about makeup and skincare. If you don't follow me on Instagram here is my account.


Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream Review

Sunday Riley, a brand known for technology-based skincare using active ingredients is a brand that I wanted to try for a while, not only effective but with a hefty price tag. Before diving deep and purchasing a full-size version, I picked up a sample of the Brightening Enzyme Water Cream from Cult Beauty seen in my haul here.


Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette Review and Swatches

Seen in my Colourpop Haul, I recently picked up the Sweet Talk Palette which is part of their spring collection, featuring their new pressed glitter powders in the 12 pan palette. Sweet Talk has matte, metallic and glitter finishes in the pink/coral family.


3 similar matte nudes at every pricepoint | Dupe ?

We call it a 'dupe' when we find similar products at a more affordable price point, I stumbled upon these 3 products in my collection and they are so similar in colour and are all matte finishes.


It'a another Colourpop Haul | 7.0

It's been a couple of months since I have done a Colourpop Haul, they launch so many new products that it is truly hard to keep up. While there was a memorial day offer I decided to pick up some items that I wanted to try out.


Going through my empties #4

I have been on a mission to use up more products which potentially gives me the space to try more and review them. Most of these products have been well loved and have been in my collection for a while so you may have seen a few.


Makeup Lately #2

Welcome back to another Makeup Lately, I always forget to post my monthly favourites but as I try so many products it's also hard to include everything, these are the items that I have been reaching for recently.


Barry M Unicorn Primer Elixir Drops Review

Remember when unicorns were all the rage? Unicorn highlighters, lipsticks, serums, brushes? One of the items that actually stood out and made me want to try the unicorn theme was the Unicorn Essence from Farsali which we know is Instagram famous, today I am reviewing the 'dupe' Barry M's Unicorn Primer Elixir Drops.


My Cystic Acne Story

Never have I thought in my mid-twenties that I would get not one but two cases of cystic acne. I am going to talk about how I dealt with it, my confidence and remedies. Also, there are a lot of 'I's in this post so heads up.


Barry M Mist & Fix Setting Spray | Dewy Finish Review

An affordable setting spray that promises to give your dewy skin for the summer? Barry M launched a few skin products that being the beauty elixir primer drops and beauty elixir radiance serum. Today I'm sharing my thoughts on this dewy setting spray that claims to hydrate, condition, increase the longevity of your makeup and protect your skin from pollution.


How to fix broken powders without alcohol

Yes, we all drop our powders and they end up in little bits. We then google ways to fix your powder and the most common method is alcohol, most importantly rubbing alcohol. Yes, I have tried this way and it does indeed make my powders all smooth and pretty but the scent makes me not want to use the powders again. Use your every day reached for beauty product instead.


Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Review

One of the best selling cleaning balms in Korea, I was excited to introduce this makeup remover into my skincare routine. I have used a few cleansing balms in my skincare history that being Heimish, Clinique and Emma Hardie (review).


Makeup lately #1

Sharing my recent most reached for beauty products, here are some new products that I have been using or rediscovered.
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