How to achieve glowy skin on oily skin

Who doesn't want to look glowy and radiant throughout the day but dun dun dun you have oily skin and you look like an oil slick two hours in with you makeup slipping off. Here are some tips and products to achieve glowy luminous skin on a daily basis.

Use a good Primer
On my makeup tips for oily skin, I've said to avoid silicone-based primers and I still stick to that, silicone-based primers make my base slip off especially on my t-zone area. You may opt for a matte primer or a product that increases the longevity of your makeup. The Wet 'n' Wild Photo Focus Primer is a gel-based primer that has a slight matte finish that helps prolong your makeup. The Barry M Unicorn Primer Elixir Drops has small shimmering particles that make your skin shine from within but on the very subtle side, it is also gel-based which adheres to the skin very nicely. Lastly one of my favourite Water primers is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water and the 'dupe' version Primark's Primer Water which makes my base apply very smoothly.

Use a matte foundation
When trying to achieve glowy skin, most people avoid matte foundations but for oily skin types, matte foundation helps prolong your base and prevents your natural oils to seep through that fast. My favourite matte foundations are all full coverage as I like to cover all scars and blemishes.

For an affordable drugstore foundation, the NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation that has 40 shades are my go-to, the formula is creamy and buildable. For high-end version the Fenty Soft Matte Filt'r Foundation is a truly flawless foundation, it is very liquidy and you need to work fast with this product. I recommend using a damp beauty blender to apply these foundations as the moisture helps with the glowy radiant look you are trying to achieve.

Mix with a facial oil
If matte foundations are too drying using a beauty oil helps to add a natural radiance into your base. It also makes matte foundations apply smoother and you instantly have more radiance. Be very minimal with facial oil as you are bound to be more glowy faster throughout the day. The facial oil I have been using is the Barry M Nymph Radiance Serum which is an oil, I only use one drop of this mixed in with two pumps of foundation. I recommend applying more powder on your t-zone when you use facial oil.

Set what needs to be set
Setting powders are vital for oily skin peeps but for glowy skin set the place that needs to be set that being: forehead, nose, chin and upper lip area where you are more likely to sweat and where oils are produced the most. My favourite powder is a cult favourite being the RCMA no colour powder.

What blush to wear?
For glowy cheeks I like opting for a shimmering option, I recently featured my 3 go-to shimmering blushes, but I also recommend the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette that makes your pores disappear and gives you a very natural glow which can also act as a highlight base too. If you like cream blushes I like using the Glossier Cloud Paints straight after my foundation and before applying any powder. It gives a subtle flushed look.

What highlight to use?
Highlight where the sun naturally hits your face, that being your: brow bone, above your brows, nose bridge and nose, chin, cupids bow and high points of your cheeks. With the glass skin trend, I like to highlight the zygomatic arch area which is the whole cheekbone to the top centre of my cheeks for a beautiful glow. My go-to highlighters are the MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish, I also love the Jouer powder highlighters and theBalm Mary Lou-manizer which are all very soft and finely milled.

Prolong with a setting spray
Setting sprays are a great way to prolong all the hard work but we are looking for setting sprays that get rid of the powdery look and adheres your base entirely without being matte at all. My favourite setting spray is the Mario Badescu Aloe Herb and Rosewater Facial Spray which does the job perfectly and has many skin benefits.

I have been using all these techniques and products for glowy skin for the past week and I love how glowy my skin has been without being in the greasy territory. When I use the facial oil, I notice my natural oils seeping through faster at the 6 to 7-hour mark without the facial oil up to 10 to 11 hours. I hope this helps someone out and us oily peeps can enjoy this radiant glow that looks healthy on the skin. I have more tips and tricks for oily skin here.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. Yassss! I sometimes go over to the oily side when get my glow on too much. I am aiming for the dewy look and end up at the hot mess look. Adore everything about this post!

  2. So many amazing tips here, thank you for sharing them! I'll definitely have to try mixing a few of my drier foundations with a facial oil, I've never thought of doing that before :)

    Kate |

    1. You definitely get this lovely glow! Just make sure you set your t-zone! x

  3. YES!!! A good primer is a must with oily skin. I love dermalogica's perfect primer. It gives good coverage as well as skin benefits :)

  4. Awesome tips! And definitely agree with setting sprays/powders, they help loads!

  5. such a helpful post for oily skin make up lovers!! x

  6. I've never thought of mixing it with a facial oil - good shout! xx

    Megan Elizabeth

  7. I love a glow and I hate a shine, really loved this post!

  8. I love dewy bases and highlight but I have oily skin so it's always a case of mattifying then adding real glow!

    Gemma Louise

  9. Love the sound of the NYX Cant stop Wont stop foundation. I need to try! I've wanted it for a while now x

    Lauren | By Lauren May

  10. These are such great tips! I love having glowy skin but it is so hard with oily skin. I'll be adding these products to my wishlist x

  11. I have fallen out of the habit of using a primer over the last year or so. I have however got a new one to try that was in a beauty box, it is from Lumene. I keep forgetting I have it, so maybe I should put it to the test as my skin has been a bit oily recently, particularly on my t-zone.

    Amy x
    The July Rose


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