Affordable but which is better? L'oreal More Than Concealer VS Revolution Conceal and Define

There's nothing I love more than affordable full coverage concealer that conceals my dark circles and blemishes and highlights the highpoints of my face. I have reviewed these two concealers in the past individually but against each other which one do, I prefer?

Formular Comparison 
Both concealers claim to be lightweight and full coverage. When I compare them side to side, the L'oreal is much thicker and heavier although it still feels lightweight on the skin. In terms of full coverage, the first layer of  Conceal and Define seems to disappear so I class it as a buildable medium to full.

While they are both matte finish, the L'oreal has a powder matte finish hence I can get away without setting the concealer, it also claims to be waterproof which I still have not tested out. Scent wise there's a hint of floral with the L'oreal but as you use the product it has that kind of manufactured smell that the Revolution concealer also has.


Shade Comparison
The more than concealer seems to be the only range that has 25 shades across the collection when revolution first launched their concealers there were 25 but now has been developed to 50 fantastic shades with different undertones.

The More Than Concealer in 322 Ivory has a yellow undertone but compared to Conceal and Define it seems pinker. I also mentioned before that the more than concealer dries down darker whereas the conceal and define stays the same and truly brightens your under-eye area. The shade I have in the revolution concealer is C.03 which is for fair skin with yellow undertone so we can see which concealer has a truer yellow undertone.

 As I ordered these concealers online, the Revolution Conceal and Define has clear descriptions of the shades whereas L'oreal's more than was a guessing game for me, so that's something you can keep in mind.

Application Comparison 
With matte concealers, I prefer using a damp beauty blender to pat the product in. I still find the Revolution Conceal and Define to disappear slightly, therefore, I go in with another layer even if I use the same amount originally on the L'oreal More Than side. If it comes down to the amount of product I go through the Conceal and Define must faster. The L'oreal More Than does takes a couple more bounces to pat the concealer in but I don't need to apply another layer, therefore, less blending time.

Longevity Comparison
There is no definitive time for Revolutions Conceal and Define as it just states long-wearing. Since my skin has changed over the year it used to last me 10 hours still being it's flawless self but now it only lasts me about 6 hours until you can see the concealer has separated and sunk into the crevice of my nose where I am oiliest. I've also found that when I apply the product it seems to immediately give me that cakey and by the end of the day my mascara has transferred under my eyes which normally doesn't happen.

L'oreal's More Than claims to last 24 hours but with my oily skin it lasts me a good 9 to 10 hours, even more under my eyes as I don't touch my face. The more than is definitely more longlasting on my skin without breaking apart that quickly.

Although they are both marketed as nearly identical in terms of formula and longevity. The L'oreal More Than ticks more of my boxes than Revolution's Conceal and Define even though they have more shades and clearer descriptions of undertones that make ordering online easier.

I like my concealers to last a lot longer without the need of going in to push the product back into my skin and making me look like a cakey mess at the end of the day. Two years ago I loved the Revolution Conceal and Define but my skin has become more oily and dry and the concealer just does not sit well anymore.

Even though they are both drugstore products and the L'oreal concealer costs twice as much, the Revolution Conceal and Define seems to go down a lot quicker making the L'oreal more cost-effective in the long run.

Have you tried these concealers and which one do you personally prefer?

Individual review: L'oreal More Than Concealer and Revolution Conceal & Define.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. I love Revolutions conceal & define but I agree, I run out of the product so quickly. And it is amazing for the price! However, I've never tried the L'Oreal concealer so I will definitely be giving that a whirl! xx

    Megan Elizabeth

  2. I have not swatched Loreal's concealer, but the fact that revolution concealer claims to be lightweight shocks me a little bit! It does not feel lightweight whatsoever! Anyways, good job on the comparison, these posts are always super duper useful!

    Laura /

  3. This was a really informative post, thank you! I think I will look into the LOreal

  4. I haven't tried either of these, to be fair, i always used to by the Seventeen Concealer but I think that has been discontinued. I now use Glossier most of the time but could do with something for a bit more coverage. I'll be sure to look up the L'Oreal version.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  5. I do like the Makeup Revolution one but not a huuuge fan of it, I'll have to pick up the L'Oreal to see if I prefer it more x

    Gemma Louise


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