Hi everyone, I have been away for 2 weeks on Holiday! therefore a lack of blog posts which I apologise for. But if your interested in visiting the island or what I have been up to, keep reading.  

This is my second visit to HK which consisted mostly of visiting family. Accommodation in HK is quite expensive, I believe. But I stayed with family and friends both times and I do recommend renting out an apartment if you are staying for a long period of time as it can become quite expensive.

Back to the photographs: these photograph are window views out of the plane approaching HK, l find that photographs of clouds and the sky are very serene, and also I feel quite sad right now since I miss the place!

When you head out of the airport...... BRACE YOURSELVES!! The humidity of the place hits you like a ton of bricks, obviously it depends on which time of the year you visit HK, and I went at one of the hottest! At about 32 degrees Celsius which was the average temperature. Some people find it difficult to breathe, so choose carefully which time of the year you visit if you have breathing problems like asthma. If your thinking 32 degrees Celsius is no big deal don't forget the HUMIDITY. 

Hong Kong is a very international place/island , therefore do not get worried about getting lost or anything everyone speaks English and maps are in English.  

I will be uploading posts in segments, otherwise it will be just a big long page, so do keep updated, if your interested in visiting Hong Kong let me know, or have been already, tell me your favourite places.
And keep an eye out for my other travel blog posts.

Until next time!
Joyce x 

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