What a better way to play with new makeup than doing first impressions? I've had a LOT of new in products that I have bought and rather than doing a post on what's new why not tell you how I actually got on with them.


This is a primer that I have been meaning to pick up for a while, the NYX Angel Veil is a skin perfecting primer that claims to be oil free. First impressions, give it a shake before you actually squeeze it out the tube, mine did look separated but then I give it shake and it mixed back together. This comes out white from the tube and when you blend this into your skin it almost has a creamy feeling and it leaves your skin matte and very smooth, I did have to use a lot since it's not very liquidy so I do think I will be going through the tube quite fast.

From my first impressions I have been reaching for this daily instead of my normal primer which tells you a lot, I really like how this has a matte finish and when used with my normal foundation (Milani PErfect + Conceal) I have noticed I am less oily on my forehead and chin. Because I have bigger pores on my cheeks I continue to use my blurring primer (The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer) and they go perfectly together. I do see why many bloggers also love this, it helps increase the longevity of my makeup and control oil. What more can I ask for?

I picked up the L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation in the shade Sand. Even though this has been out for a while the shade selection really sucks, why can't us in the UK have the same shade selection as the US? I did have some difficulty picking out my shade since I am more tanned but this was an issue before I was tanned. In-stores the shade sand did actually perfect for me but when it came to applying this onto my face it's very pink and I don't have a pink undertone at all, because of that this actually looked lighter on my skin and did not match my neck at all.

However the formulation is fantastic, with having oily skin the matte finish held onto my skin very well and I did not get as greasy as I normally do except my nose. I don't find the finish too drying but if you do have dry skin I recommend a moisturising primer beneath. It also did not disturb any of my other powders I applied on top, but this also does not cover my imperfections very well. You can see my scars through the foundation and I did dab extra product onto the areas where I needed it. I do like this foundation overall since it lasted all day on me (I went to the beach) but with it being the wrong undertone I'm thinking what is my shade and what do I do with this one now?


Now I have talked about this setting spray on my blog many times and I continue to rave about it, this helps increase the longevity of my makeup and take that 'too powdery' look away since I can get carried away. Hand on heart this smells gorgeous and is my favourite scent from the whole range they have. I find it very satisfying to spray on my face and even though scent doesn't linger on your face it does linger in your hair or clothes and you get whiffs of it all day and I seriously love it. I do think I am a little obsessed with the scent (Coconut) and I really recommend this if you haven't tried it out.


If there's a new mascara on the market that has been hyped up it's this one. This claims to give you intense volume and length and contains Ricinus Oil (castor seed oil). The packaging is cute, comes in a gold metallic tube with a pink lid. The brush itself is very big and holds a lot of product.

For me personally, I don't like this mascara (sorry) having small eyes I found it difficult to reach my tiny lashes and then I get the mascara on my skin when trying to do my bottom lashes. And having straight Asian lashes this wet formula weighs down my already curled lashes that I used an eyelash curler to do which is a pain. I then try to go back in with my heated eyelash curler to restore somewhat of a none existent curl and who really has that much time in the morning to redo your lashes over and over? Not to mention this takes ages to dry since the formula is so wet, however, it did lengthen my lashes but it got clumpy very quickly so I found myself using a mascara comb to comb through my lashes. If you like spidery lashes and have naturally curled lashes you might light this mascara but for me, I am going to give this a miss. And a little side note this is so difficult to get off even using an oil cleanser.


Part of the new L'oreal Paradise release I was eager to try this out. This is a brow gel pomade and comes with an applicator within the tube. Tha packaging is very cute and goes with the mascara with the rose gold lid.

There are 5 shades available and I picked up the shade Ebony since I have almost black hair, I have to say the shade colour is very nice but is more brown than black. The formula, however, is not a gel formula- it almost feels powdery and sometimes it's a bit patchy and I have to go back and redo my brows after I finish with the rest of my face. The applicator that comes with it is okay, it's not bad but if you have a brow brush that you prefer using you can give this a miss. What I think you really need when using this brow pomade is a spoolie since it applies a bit uneven and you need to spoolie to make everything blend. I also found it a bit dry to work with - this can create a really natural brow but it takes some time to work with it because of the formula. I often reach for my Freedom brow pomade and that is £5 and does a fantastic job so in comparison I prefer the Freedom but I will continue to use this up.


Another cult favourite from Youtubers, I was excited to use this since I haven't tried any of their highlighter palettes. This comes with four shades: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar and Equinox. This comes in a beautiful sleek packaging with a brush.

I only used the shade Equinox and in the pan, it looks like a peachy gold highlight. I found this really easy to apply and the pigment is amazing, a little can go a long way and I was extra glowy that day. It works really well on my skin and does not enhance any texture. I'm excited to try out the other shades and understand why everyone loves this palette. The brush that comes with the palette is useless so I just threw that in the bin.

That is all for my first impressions, I've included swatches and photos using all these products with flash and without below. Like always I hope you've enjoyed this post don't forget to subscribe.
Joyce x

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  1. Ah that's a shame about the L'oreal infallible foundation, if you manage to find a shade that matches it's THE BEST foundation. Well, the best drugstore one anyway! x

  2. I've heard such great things about that Sleek palette and it always looks so gorgeous photographed! x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  3. The foundation is something I really want to try - sounds perfect for me but such a shame about the shade range. Really need to get my hands on that sleek palette too!xx

    Lucy |

  4. Loved this post, a lot of these products I have been desperate to try! Your imagery is really lovely xo

  5. I had such different experience with the mascara. It's been working really well for me, it's a shame you didn't end up liking it. The coconut setting spray sounds amazing, I'll have to put it on my wishlist! xx

    Panna’s Blog

  6. I found the sleek palette better to look at than it actually is to use, I dunno maybe that's just me. I need to give some of these other bits a try though! Your blog is really lovely here, I loved having a read through it.. well done you! x

  7. I have wanted to try the Sleek highlighting palette for ages I will definitely get it now! Such a great review.

  8. Really want to try the NYX Angel Veil. Great post :)

    Holly |


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