It's about time that I review the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette (£41). My friend's dad picked this up for me while he was in Sephora and it's a whole lot cheaper over in the states.  I've had this for a month now so I've had a good time experimenting with this. This palette is a cult favourite and many many people have reviewed this but if you want my side of the story....


There are 14 super pigmented shades encased in velvet material packaging with a wide mirror and comes with a double-ended eyeshadow brush. The packaging overall is simply beautiful and it' a dream to take photos of. I have heard people saying the velvet is difficult to keep clean and same here it attracts all sort kinds of dust. The double-ended brush simply sucks and I do not use it, it makes the fallout so much worse (spoiler!)


- Tempera - a matte cream beige, in the pan it looks like there are tiny specks of shimmer but you don't notice this on your eyelids, it is perfect for setting your eyeshadow primer if you have lighter skin and can be a matte highlight too.

- Golden Ochre - a matte dirty yellow, again it looks like there is a tiny speck of shimmer but it does not transfer onto the eyes, this can be a beautiful transitional colour and to blend other shades out, there is a little fallout.

- Vermeer - a shimmery light pink, I would mostly use this to highlight my inner corner since I prefer white or golden highlighters on my brow bone.

- Buon Fresco - a matte lilac, this is a cool toned colour and doesn't look too good on my skin tone, there is also a little fallout.

- Antique Bronze - a warm brown with a satin finish, contains specks of shimmer, beautiful all over the lid colour.

- Love Letter - a matte raspberry pink, this shade is very vivid, I do find it a little chalky and the fallout of this one is insane.

- Cyprus Umber - a matte chocolate brown, which can be used to deepen up the crease, this one always seem to be patchy on me and I have to go in over and over again to get the rid consistency.

- Raw Sienna - a matte yellow-brown, one of my go-to transitional colours.

- Burnt Orange - a matte orange-brown as described.

- Primavera - a gold champagne shimmer, which I use every time to mix and blend with other shades to make them less deep.

- Red Ochre - a matte brick red, I did find this one a little patchy but even with the lightest application it can be a little muddy.

- Venetian Red - a light shimmer pink/cranberry shade.

- Warm Taupe - a matte cool toned grey/light brown shade, lovely as a transitional colour, need to use light handly or it can be a little muddy,

- Realgar - a matte burnt orange.


Every time I open the palette I get the emoji heart eye but when I come to use it, I find the shadows difficult to work with, I am no amateur at eyeshadows but if they are going to become patchy and I spend another good 5 minutes to blend it, I do not have time for that. The difficult shades are definitely the darker shades such as Red Ochre and Cyprus Number. You need to be very very light handed with these matte ones and even if I lightly dab it sometimes turns into a muddy mess. I always end up with fallout on my face after I use some of these shadows and it simply puts me off when I have to redo my foundation.

My most reached for shades are Primavera and Antique Bronze and I question myself if I am going to keep this palette for those 2 shades since I have shades from another palette that do the same job. I keep comparing them to my Morphe and Colourpop shadows which are incredibly affordable, pigmented and easy to work with.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Since I know this is a ride or die for some people. If I already haven't put you off, this palette retails for £41 at Beautybay.

Until next time!
Joyce x

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  1. I don't find myself reaching for this palette very often, and that's mainly because I find it difficult to work with, as it's so pigmented, so I'm spending for ever blending it out. The shades are really pretty though and it swatches well xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I agree! There are definitely more palettes that I reach for! x

  2. Your photos of the swatches are amazing! Everyone has raved about this palette so much, I really want to try it but I've bought a lot of makeup this month so need to hold off x

  3. Love the photos! I haven't tried this brand yet, but will have to give them a go! x

  4. I've heard amazing things about this palette so I'm very surprised by this review! I opted for the Violet Voss myself as I'm much more of a shimmer kinda girl rather than matte, the colours in this are absolutely gorge though so it's a shame that it's difficult to work with :/ I'd love to have "Love Letter" as a single shadow, what a beaut shade!
    Alice Xx

  5. The packaging and shades look so gorgeous x

  6. This palette looks soo dreamy and I know a lot of people rave about it, but something has always held me back from purchasing it! It's also a shame that a few of the shades have a lot of fallout and don't blend very easily xo

    Char |

  7. I am obsessed with this palette, I've got a look uploading soon using it, it's my fave!

    Gemma Louise

  8. What a great review. I've still been wanting this palette and it looks amazing.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  9. Oh I've wanted this palette for so long. I've heard such good things about this palette but it's a shame about the fall out. However, whenever I do my eyes - I always do them first so I don't have to reapply foundation or anything from the fall out. Loved this read xx

    Taylor Jane ox |

  10. I'm the same, I teach for other pallets more! Sometimes I think the cheaper pallets are better!

    Love Emily xx

  11. I have had my eye on this palette for the song, the shades look beautiful and super pigmented xx

  12. I adore this palette but the packaging just gets so dirty !


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