I have been collecting my empties and seriously it has overflown from my little box. I think I've talked about most of these products before so some of them I won't go into so much detail. I am also a huge skincare fan so I do try out new things once in a while.


My all-time favourite go-to clay mask when I have breakouts that I need to get rid off. The clay is very thick and I do apply a thick layer on my skin and wait for it to completely to dry and then I can start peeling some off it off which is really fun. It also helps tightens pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. I always get a few back up when I got to Hong Kong and it is great for oily skin.

this is one of the best affordable drugstore creams that I have tried. I love gel creams and this has such a nice cooling texture. It sinks immediately into my skin and I can not recommend it enough. My skin always feels more plump in the morning and I've started to try out more items from the range.

I used to love this essence lotion as it gives your skin extra nutrients and helps plump your skin but for some reason, my skin becomes so sensitive and stingy whenever I use this so I had to get rid of it. 

This is my go-to makeup remover of choice, it breaks down my makeup really well and with its two-step phase, it cleanses my skin well. This is also very affordable and I again have backups in my draw and the body shop always have amazing offers on.

Another one of those never leaving my skincare routine favourites. I love this toner since it calms and hydrated my skin very well, I believe in toners a lot and it helps prep your skin for any beauty products you want to apply on top.

I have wanted try out this eye serum for the longest time and I do think it is pricey when it's not on offer. This claims to help with antiaging and all the good stuff and if I were to try it again I would give it another shot, it did help hydrate my under eyes but I didn't see any improvement of fine lines. 

THere is not a day when I haven't used this, I always double cleanse my skin and it is the last step in my cleansing routine. It is a thick balm that you spread over your skin and I do like massaging this in, it does not sting my eyes and it's so affordable and works like a dream. It comes with a muslin cloth so you are basically gently exfoliating your skin gently every day. 


I have gone through so many of these and Coconut and Watermelon is my favourite scent. It sets your makeup and gets rid of that powdery look on your skin. It's affordable enough to but I think Beautybay has increased the price since it used to be £13.50.

Remember when Nikki Tutorials introduced this product as a primer? I have finally finished the bottle and it did indeed help my makeup last longer with that tacky texture. I wasn't a fan of the scent but it did work wonders and I did save a lot of money from buying a million primers.

I usually got in with two mascaras, one to help lengthen my lashes and this to help volumises. I love the formulas of this since it is waterproof and the wand gets into my teeny tiny lashes. I do recommend this and I will lick this up again when I get through my big collection of mascaras. 

This is one of my favourite drugstore mascaras that actually help with my straight Asian lashes, it holds my curls created from n eyelash curler very well and also volumises. I only go for the waterproof version since I have oily eyelids and I recommend to everyone.

Yep, I have gone through two of these. The wand of this reminds me of the Clinique mascara. It also has tiny fibres that help length your lashes, I'm sad to have run out of this.

if you have tried the healthy mix foundation and really enjoy it, you are going to love this concealer, I find that even though it is only medium coverage it brightens my under eyes really well. I used the shade light and it has a yellow undertone. It hydrates conceals so you don't have dry under eyes.

I've talked about this brow pencil, in a few of my posts, it has a lovely waxy formula and you can really control the amount of depth you want in your brows. Because it is slimline it mimics hair strokes really well and really define your brow shape. lastly, it's affordable if you can get your hands on it. 

That is all for this post, hope you have enjoyed these mini reviews!
Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. I really want to try the TBS Chamomile cleanser, it sounds like I would really enjoy it!

    Emily xo

  2. I love the SubQ range Eyes especially Deciem does some pretty amazing products but i have to admit i love NIOD more

    Andrew James -

  3. I have the innisfree clay mask as well and like it!! I should test it on the monster spot I have on my face haha.

    Cindy |

  4. This is great post! I love reading empties posts and i really want to
    try the neutregena face cream! x

  5. I really want to try that neutrogena cream, it sounds amazing and so affordable too! Lancôme mascaras are one of my favs too, I love the whole hypnose range!
    Really want to try that Body Shop toner you mentioned, it sound perfect for my skin type!
    PaleGirlRambling xo


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