26 things you didn't know about me

Another year, another birthday. Do I feel wiser? Absolutely not. Here are things that you probably find weird and probably don't know about me.

  1. I love writing - physically, I enjoy the feeling of putting pen to paper and it took me a while to figure out my writing style, say about 18 years old.
  2. Egg yolks - Yes, I have to pop the egg yolks before whisking, it just makes me feel uncomfortable 
  3. Pens, I only use the Muji 0.38mm pens, I like fine nibs and it flows easier
  4. Toothpaste lids always need to be capped back on - it just gets messy 
  5. I have a finger tattoo - just a little J initial 
  6. I have 3 ear piercings - one when I was in Year 7, one when I was 16 and one 6 weeks before prom. I guess ear piercing was my rebellious act. 
  7. I constantly twitch my nose. Okay, my nose is extremely sensitive and I recorded myself putting on my makeup and god does my nose keep twitching.
  8. I always remove my makeup - whether being ill or drunk, I am very good. I remember that one time I didn't when I was at uni and I thought it was awesome. I still cringe.
  9. I like living in a cluttered mess. People think I am organised but when I look at things they just look messy to me.
  10. I hate having my hair in my face - one thing that makes me mad so a fringe is a no-no.
  11. I don't like celebrating my birthday- wasn't really a tradition in my family.
  12. I have practically no brows - thank-you brow products.
  13. I have flat feet - I realised a couple of weeks ago, no wonder why my shoes are always tilted to one side and spread like lava when I walk.
  14. My hair is incredible tangly - thank god for the wet brush and hair oil
  15. I'm a little bit of a hoarder.
  16. I don't like separating with old pjs - who does?
  17. I go through phases of things mules, candles, buying skincare or maybe I'm just a shopaholic.
  18. I like listening to music but I don't have a specific genre.
  19. I am a huge Harry Potter fan!
  20. I am a huge Marvel fan - you bet I can't wait for Endgame.
  21. I'm a listener more than a talker - except when I drink then you can't get me to shut up.
  22. I am 5ft 5 and I always thought I was 165cm ends up I'm 168.
  23. I'm a bronzer over blush gal.
  24. My favourite colour is emerald green. 
  25. My only perfume is Gucci Bloom - I've never been much of a perfume wearer.
  26. I am a lightweight - one drink and I'm tipsy. 
That is all! Tell me something I don't know about you!

Joyce x

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  1. Hahaha you must hate being handed a pen in the bank or somewhere, I wonder if you always carry your own? ��

    1. I actually don't carry a pen with me since I always think it will leak.... but I might haha x

  2. What a lovely post, its so nice getting to know the blogger behind the blog. I must say, I'm a little bit of a hoarder as well - I just keep a lotta things hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I love these types of posts! I am also a lightweight but at least we have a good time when we're drunk haha!

    Katie | XX

  4. I also find it hard with old pjs, I am also a hoarder, and cluttered mess is my thing!

  5. So many things I didn’t know about you! I used to be a bronzer over blush gal but now I have to wear both 😂


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