BobbI Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation Review | Oily Combination Skin

The #1 best selling foundation from Bobbi Brown; The Skin Long-wear Weightless Foundation that has medium to full coverage and oil-free formula. It comes in 43 shades, claiming to last up to 16 hours providing you with a matte finish that I have put to the test.

Packaging and Formula

The foundation comes in a lovely frosted glass bottle with a pump and feels luxurious. It contains SPF 15 but I have not tested the foundation for flashback. Although it contains some SPF you still need to wear SPF underneath for full sun protection.

I picked up the shade Neutral Sand which is for light skin with neutral undertones. The consistency is thick and reminds me of the EX1 foundation, the foundation feels sticky when you apply it and definitely needs setting with powder. I found that the Laura Mercier translucent powder increases the longevity of the foundation compared to the RCMA No Colour Powder.

Using different applicators 

Using a cushion puff makes the foundation feel very heavy and cakey. I found that it creased around my expression marks ie between my forehead and smile lines, when I used a cushion puff I use 3 pumps of foundation which is quite a lot for decent coverage. While it evened out my skin tone, my blemishes and hyperpigmentatIon peeked through. It looks nice on your skin but you can see you are wearing foundation and it doesn't give you that skin-like feel.

Using a damp beauty blender, I used 2 pumps of product which was decent coverage while still needing to go in with concealer to cover redness and scars. The application was much easier and I enjoyed the foundation more on my skin. It did not sink into my skin compared to using a cushion puff.

Both puff and sponge applicators had the same longevity. Win my natural oils seeping through around the 4-hour mark. I have worn the foundation through my workouts and I sweat quite a bit and it is transfer-proof. I become quite oily after the 6-hour mark and I found the foundation fades on my chin.

Using my holy grail flat top buffer brush B01 from Spectrum. I used two pumps of foundation, again it did even out my skin tone but did not cover my blemishes. It felt like the foundation was just sitting on top of my skin. Longevity wise it was similar to the other two applicators. I did wear this for 12 hours and I looked like a greasy disco ball on my forehead and the foundation was non-existent on my chin and faded on my forehead. 

Using different SPF's

When I used the Dr Althea Daily Moisturising Sunscreen my foundation separated along my chin this is also around the 4-hour mark. When I use my Shiseido Senka sunscreen the foundation on my chin lasted a bit longer and I am less oily overall. I believe the Dr. Althea Sunscreen has more moisturising ingredients therefore the foundation is not lasting as long. 

Overall this foundation is not for me, having oily combination skin I need my foundation to have some sort of oil control, even though it is oil-free my natural oils seeped through quite fast compared to other foundations that I have reviewed in the past, for the price I will be mixing it with my other foundation that is more liquidy to use the product up but I won't be repurchasing this in the future. I had really high hopes for this foundation, it's a real shame it that it didn't work out.

Have you tried this foundation?

I hope you've enjoyed this review and found it helpful.

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  1. I've tried this foundation, and in fact, it's one of my favourite foundations ever. I have combination skin, but don't usually wear foundation for longer than 5-6 hours, so haven't faced a lot of issues with this.

    And I must say, you have absolutely gorgeous skin! :)

  2. Bobbi Brown products always look so incredible x

  3. You alwaaaaays look so flawless and this sounds perfect for my stubborn combination skin!

  4. Ooo such a pretty foundation!

  5. It's funny because I have this and I swear by it! It controls my oiliness like a dream but I guess we all have different skin types x

    Gemma Louise

  6. I've never tried any Bobbi Brown makeup but this looks amazing on you and something I really want to try xx

  7. It is a shame that this didn't work well for you, in the photos it looks flawless.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  8. Such a pity, I haven't tried this foundation, I do like the stick one though!

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