I can't remember when I received this little cleanser, but I decided to give it a go after I finished my cleansing oil from the body shop. The product is a gel formula, and for application, apply onto dry hands and massage onto your face and neck to break down makeup and has a slight scent. After fully massaging the product onto your face apply warm water, so the formula reacts and creates a milky texture just like the body shop cleansing oil and then wipe and wash away. 
I found that you only needed a small amount for your entire face to remove makeup, and then further down into the tub you get the less it reacted with warm water, therefore there was just a constant oily substance on my face. When removing the cleanser on my face the leftover residue was stuck onto my face towel which is also difficult to remove. I also found it difficult to remove waterproof mascara or slightly thicker coated eyelashes which left me reaching for my micellar cleanser water. 

My skin condition has completely changed after trying this little cleanser, because of the constant oily substance, I have been breaking out a lot as it removes the makeup but does not fully cleanse. I found that it has caused my foundation during the day to slip off as my skin has become more oily. I am completely not a fan of this and if you have combination skin I would not recommend this as this has not worked with me.  

This is my completely honest review, and if you have realised, I have not been posting photographs of my makeup because my skin condition is bad. I really hated writing this but I just wanted to know how this has reacted with my skin. 

Thank you for reading this! Joyce x 

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  1. This product has been in my Sephora wishlist for almost forever...but thanks for letting us know! And I totally feel you on bad skin days...but I'm sure it'll get better in no time!



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