Bell cosmetics is a polish company sold exclusively on BeautyCrowd and specialises in hypo-allergenic products. When browsing the BeautyCrowd website, I came upon these liquid lipsticks and purchased the 6 shades available.

Packaging wise, the product comes in a clear tube, has a lip-hug applicator and a black lid. The colours are not well numbered or even named. The number code for the product is on a white sticker barcode which does not look nice, and makes it difficult to extinguish once ripped off.

First of all, colour shades on a webpage is very difficult to extinguish, therefore I would of not purchased that many if I new there was a only a slight difference between them . Saying so, these are not liquid lipsticks at all, they are a pigmented gloss, and only a light pigment, the shades look almost exactly the same on my lips. Also when I say gloss, it's the kind which latches onto your hair when the wind blows, so it's extremely sticky.

The colours from left to right. 06 - a cool toned pink shade, 05 - a coral pink, 04 - a lilac pink, 03 - a shimmer light pink, 02 - a shimmer orange pink, 01 - a nude.

Is it long wearing? It does as much as a lip gloss can do. Do they look good on top of lipstick? If you like your matte lips and you find it too drying a light layer would do the trick, but these are not liquid lipstick. 

These are £3.95 each, I got them cheaper as a beauty blogger, but these liquid lipstick is not worth the hype. So I won't recommend this.

Have you discovered any liquid lipsticks recentely?

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  1. Damn! I was so hopping they were be good for that price point. ): ah well, I Guess it's hard to tell product quality through online purchases.

    X, Carina / Running White Horses

  2. Wow, the price for these are great! Will def be looking into these products!

  3. Such a shame. I thought it would be too good to be true for that price! Thanks for the honesty x
    Amina xx |

  4. Oh! I like a coral pink and simmer shade in them but hate the fact that they are sticky! Next time you apply any of such sticky lipgloss, run an ice cube on top of your gloss to smooth it out. This should help dilute some of the goop. I hope this helps!
    Love | Sia |

  5. I had seen them on a website and I was hoping they would be good! Such a shame! Even though the product isn't great, your photos look amazing :) x

  6. Such a shame! First four shades look lovely, I thought I'd go and check them out but I won't now. Thank you for sharing!


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