I picked the B. Confident Blemish Serum quite a while ago and I have finished the bottle. The serum is to help prevent breakouts, minimise appearance of pores, control shine and help combat redness. This is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I breakout depending on my diet, I have larger pores on my cheek area, oily skin and redness around my nose. This is targeted for people in their late 20's to help protect the first signs of ageing. I'm not quite at that age bracket yet, but I do have some fine lines around my eyes and for what it's made to prevent, I need right now.

First of all the scent of this smells very fresh and clean, the serum has a slight green tint to help combat redness, has thick consistency and feels very smooth when applied onto my face. The serum helps slightly mattify my skin to help combat oiliness but one of the thing I noticed was that you can't apply anything top of this that is not a cream formula because the serum creates a layer. It also creates a cakey effect around my eyebrows and certain parts of my skin, I am not a fan of this, when I do my eyebrows it becomes flaky and I have to then press it back into my skin. I made the mistake of applying an oil on top of this and I had to wash it all off and start again, so only use similar consistency products on top.

The green tint in the serum is to help redness, but I haven't noticed any visible difference. So the 'combat redness' effect doesn't seem to work for me. The serum is also formulated to help reduce the appearance of larger pores - this also doesn't seem to work on my skin because my pores are still the same. 

In terms of oil control, thinking back to it, I didn't blot my face as much, so the mattifying effect does work, I'm not saying eventually I'll have non oily skin if I use it long term, but it does help reduce shine, it will also depend what environment you are around all day.

Breakouts as mentioned before depends on my diet, I haven't suffered from breakouts for quite a while now. I have stopped using this for 2/3 weeks now and it's still the same so I'm not sure if it is my own skin or if the product has helped. 

Overall I love the smell and the oil control effect but the 'cakeyness' that builds up does not do it for me, it's a bit annoying to keep brushing parts of the product of your face when your just brushing your brows. I'm not sure if I will be purchasing this particular serum again, but I would like to try out different serums part of the B. collection.

*UPDATE AFTER 1 MONTH OF NOT USING THE SERUM: I repurchased this since my oiliness was way out of control. I kept blotting my face every hour and my foundation kept slipping off.This serum has really helped my skin and I have bought back-ups now.*

Have you tried any of the B. serums?
Until next time!
Joyce x


  1. I have also been using this serum for a few weeks now. I agree with everything that you say in your very accurate description of how this products works.
    It has helped with a recent breakout on my chin and I've found that only applying it to "trouble" areas helps a little with applying a product on top. It has made no difference to my pores. I'm thinking of purchasing the day cream from the same range to see if this is better suited to apply on top.
    Great blog post
    Sal x

  2. Oil control is currently a massive problem for me so this sounds like it could help. Such a useful post x

    Rachael |

  3. Hmm, might need to check out the B. skincare in Superdrug next time I'm there.

  4. Lovely review Joyce, thanks for sharing this
    Never herd of this serum before


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