Are you a tea or coffee person? I have never been a fan of coffee since it gives me a really bad head so I'm up for all sorts of tea, the traditional ones where you add milk or the more herbal teas with loose leafs. I was kindly contacted by Teagime* to review their subscription service. It is tailored to you by filling a questionnaire based on your taste preferences and health goals which can be updated any time after you sign up. Teagime is UK's only personalised teatox programme and does not contain and unhealthy and painful colon cleansing effects.

After filling in your questionnaire on the site stating your flavour preferences, caffeine requirements, skin condition and menstrual cycle. You receive 3 bags of tea personalised for you and 2 tea infusers. The 3 pouches are divided by morning, evening and night. These 3 bags are to last you 2 weeks but I personally don't drink all three in one day, when I start with an early morning I'll drink the morning tea until the afternoon and if I were having a late afternoon like a lovely lie in I opt for the afternoon tea which I drink until I have dinner. My pouches have lasted me approx a month now and it's still going strong.
The morning tea that I was sent contains Allspice Berry, Cassia Bark and Pouchong Tea. I love starting with this in the morning since is has a little spicy taste and reminds me of a chai tea. This blend of tea helps relieve indigestion and improves blood circulation. Pouchong tea help boosts your immune system and stimulates your memory, I do feel more productive and energetic when I have this and feel a lot warmer. I have really bad circulation and I always complain about being cold. 
The afternoon tea contains Peppermint, Agrimony, Milk Oolong and Nettle. This blend of tea helps improve sluggish stomach conditions, boost circulation and clear up skin issues. Peppermint is a type of detox for your body so I assume that this is the ingredient that helps with your skin. Because of the peppermint, I really enjoy this tea since it helps settle my stomach, especially after a huge lunch.
The evening tea has a blend of Elderflower, Chamomille and Fennel. This blend of tea helps calm and cleanse your immune systems and digestive system. Fennel helps strengthen your kidneys and stomach. Elderflower guards against allergies and Chamomile aids sleep and induce sweet dreams.

I've tried Chamomile tea in the past which brings up a really funny story when I was in South Korea last year, I didn't know that Chamomile makes you sleepy, so while I was shopping with my friend I started nodding off when I was sitting down. I blamed it on her and stopped drinking it. Anyways I am not a fan of this tea, I've never tried Elderflower in the past and I really did not like the scent and taste of this. It reminds me of the Apple flavoured Quaker Oats which I really did not enjoy but it did help me sleep better. 
Overall I really like the mix of teas I received and the concept behind Teagime. I do feel I have much more energy when drink these, therefore, I'm more productive and less likely to take a nap. There is more than enough loose leaves for you to use over 2 weeks since you only need a small amount and you can opt for the tea infuser if you want to. I normally just drop a small portion in my cup and then add hot water especially the morning tea since the leaves expand. I have to use the tea infuser with the afternoon and evening tea since the blend has lots of smaller ingredients. If you are a tea fan like me you would really enjoy this subscription or if you are looking for a teatox, it's good to pinpoint your health issues or concerns and battle them this way. The Teatox programme costs £29.99 for 14 days. I hope you've enjoyed this review and would love to hear your views on teatox.

Until next time!

Joyce x

* I was kindly sent this by Teagime but all opinions are 100% my own! Please see disclaimer for more details.

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  1. Wow all these teas look delicious! I love tea, but I always go for the usual flavours but these ones do look fun to try

    Kumbear Xo

  2. Oh I think I would love this. I am a big fan of tea and love the idea of customising it according to your needs. Too bad they are not available in Australia.

    Emily |


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