This has been a long whirlwind trying to get this post up. Today I'm sharing my teeth whitening routine and who doesn't want whiter teeth? I love my curries and hot Cheetos and my teeth get easily stained, so if this is you read on. I love using the below product for a brighter and whiter smile that does not break the bank.

I have tried so many teeth whitening products from gels, strips to toothpaste and this is the routine that I have been sticking to. I remember them at home remedies of using lemon juice and bicarbonate soda and I just don't think that is healthy for my gums. I'm not saying a home remedy doesn't work but I like quick results without the hassle. I have incredible sensitive teeth just like my sensitive skin so I will be talking about sensitivity a lot. 

Onto the products. I use the Crest Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips. I purchased these from Hong Kong and it's the best thing I've ever used. I do have incredibly sensitive teeth so I only use max 2 a month. These give me really long lasting and visible results the next day and my teeth is a little sensitive after using this but nothing drastic. There is two gel strips inside, a longer length for your top teeth and the smaller for bottom. I only keep this on for the recommended amount of time which is 30 mins and you can use these once a day depending on how quick you want your teeth to be whiter and the amount of sensitivity you can withstand. 

You get these in boxes of 20 treatments and I have two boxes to sell off which expires at the end of this year since I don't use as many, so email me if you are interested ( I'm going to Hong Kong this year again so I will be picking up more. 

The next item for a quick in between white teeth refresh is the Janina Teeth Whitening Foam and I have been using this since February. There is absolutely no sensitivity with this and it is really easy to use. It is a foam so you pump some onto a dry toothbrush and brush your teeth as normal for 2 minutes and then not eat or drink for the next 15. It has a slight minty taste and the foam does feel a little weird at first. I notice the results the next day whenever I use the foam and it is noticed by people around me. I really rate this product and it is no hassle to achieve whiter teeth. This is so easy to pick up from the drugstore and will last you a long time since you only need enough product for your toothbrush. This has really helped to get in-between the teeth where my teeth are more stained.

The last item that I use to prolong the whiteness of my teeth is the Janina Ultra White Activated Charcoal Toothpaste* which comes out grey from the tube. The mintiness of these reminds me of the Trebor Extra Strong mints so it is extra spicy. It is a little weird brushing your teeth with grey toothpaste but it helps remove those stains. I like mixing this with my normal toothpaste depending how I feel but I use this daily to prolong.

You can visibly see the differences between my teeth, I don't aim for bright white teeth (Rylan Clark White) but natural white teeth. You can see that I have fewer stains in-between my teeth how it is less yellow. I did have Bells Palsy in the past so the muscles on my left side of my face (left on photo) is slightly weaker, therefore, my lips are a bit wonky and I have to really use my muscles to tuck my lip up (hence the after photo has a droopy lip situation going on). I also have a scar on the right (left in photo) if you've never noticed.

This will be the routine that I will stick to for a few years and I won't seek out professional teeth whitening since I have very sensitive teeth. I like the control this gives me for an easy at home routine. If you use teeth whitening products please share them below!.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and this post is not sponsored at all and all opinions are 100% my own even though it contains PR samples (with a *).

Until next time!

Joyce x
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  1. Your teeth look amazing! I'd love to try the Crest strips, wish they were easy to buy in the UK!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. Found some

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