Continuing on my the Colourpop collection, we are going through the highlighters and blushers. I have 4 highlighters from CP and 1 blusher; Lunch Money, Wisp, Churro, Candyman and Quarters. Colourpop is an affordable American beauty brand which we have all heard off and is known for their putty/spongey formula in their eyeshadows, highlighters, bronzers and blushers. They've launched their pressed powders and I do own them so there may be another review later.

Going through the highlighters first, I have the shades Lunch Money, Wisp, Churro and Candyman.

Lunch Money is a beautiful soft light gold shade which gives the most natural highlight when you apply one layer, this is very buildable and because of the putty texture, it blends really well into your skin. I find Lunch Money is perfect when I am slightly on the paler side or when I am looking for something quite blinding when I am tanned.

Wisp is a champagne gold shade perfect when you are slightly tanned, I mainly use this as a cheek highlight since I prefer lighter shades on my brows and nose bridge.

Churro is a tie dye highlighter, it looks very similar to Wisp but is slightly more peachy and has a little bit of shimmer. If I knew it was similar to Wisp I don't think I would have picked it up. I do prefer Wisp over Churro.

Candyman is vibrant metallics gold which was much darker than I expected. I can never use this as a highlight but you can use this as an eyeshadow which does the same job as the Super Shock Shadows. This is much suited to darker skin tones but if you like the shock shadows this is basically a bigger pan of the product.

Onto the only blush that I own from CP, Quarters is a coral shade. It has the same putty/spongy texture as the highlighters. I'm on the fence whether I like this formula as a blush, it's perfect as a highlight but I find that this fades on my cheeks and I still have not figured how to apply this. I really do not like using my fingers but it doesn't feel normal using a synthetic brush. I usually use a beauty blender to apply the highlighters but I also don't want to use a beauty blender exclusively for a blush. You see my dilemma? Personally, I won't be purchasing any SS Blush in the future as I'm not much of a blush person and I prefer powder.

Overall I think what shines from CP is definitely the SS highlighters and shadows and not the bronzers or blush just because it is difficult to apply especially for people who don't like to use their fingers like me. I truly recommend the SS Highlighters and I possible may pick up more in the future. Right now I am happy with the shades I have. What is your favourite product from CP?

That's all for this post!
Until next time!

Joyce  x

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  1. These look lovely, I am yet to try any Colourpop products!

    Emily xo

  2. Those highlighters look AMAZING! Churro and Lunch Money are soooo pretty xxx

    Lucy |

  3. These look amazing! I recently got some CP items, in which one of them was highlighter. I love the images and the swatches, loved also how informative you made this review!
    Kinga xx

  4. Ooh gorgeous! I actually came to read about the blush, and I'm glad that I did! Thanks for your honest review :)
    { Katie Actually }

  5. omg yes, I love colour pop so much, but they're just so hard to get hold of :(
    I wish I could have them all, the formula is so so beautiful!

    emily x

  6. I haven't purchased from ColourPop in so long, but the customs are so off putting! You have such a stunning collection, and I especially love the look of Whisp!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. Nice review! I haven't yet tried out any CP products but I was thinking of purchasing and trying out some in the near future, so your post was really helpful. Thanks for that, and have a nice day!

    xx, Valeria

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