It is no joke that I am a hoarder and that includes face mask too, one is never enough and to use up the products I decided to a challenge where I use a different face mask every day. It also gives me a chance to review them for you. So let's get comfortable.

Monday's are a very difficult day, with my 5:45am alarm I am in no mood to wash of a face mask bearing in mind I was probably nodding off all the way home. A sleeping mask is perfect for those lazy days and it's basically an overnight treatment, helping you hydrate your skin. It is a little bit on the sticky side but it slowly sinks that moisture into your skin throughout your beauty sleep. You wake up with plumper and hydrated skin. The texture of this is very jelly-like and a little bit goes a long way. With sleeping masks, you MUST wash it off the next day, which I assume everyone does in the morning. Monday masking is done.

This was the first time I tried a Pixi mask and I have gone back to it this week. It's a very gentle mud mask which claims to give you glowy skin and also pore cleansing. I apply an even layer all over and wait for it to dry. This is so comforting and doesn't have that overly tight feeling. It made my skin baby soft and my pores visibly tighter. Although it’s easy to wash off don’t use your pretty white muslin cloth since mine is no longer white. There is a little scent of roses and a hint of mint which I smelt the whole time the mask was on my face, so if your not a fan of those scents you might not like this.

Now, this mask is a mouthful, I picked this up in the Black Friday sales and have been dabbling with it. The first time I used it felt like it was burning my skin, it made my eyes water a lot too. If you have a sensitive skin like me I would suggest using this every fortnight for a deep detox and remove immediately when it dries and do not apply a thick layer. When I left this on for too long my skin became very red and let me tell you: THIS IS SO HARD TO GET OFF! If you've tried the Glamglow Clearing Treatment this is harder to get off than that. This mask does make my skin baby soft so I keep going back to it, the stinging feeling is also addictive and I and my brother keep going back to it. In a way I felt like was deeply exfoliating my skin when I was washing this off since I really had to scrub my face. P.S This has blocked my sink haha.

After a very exciting Wednesday mask time, I did not want to overdo it with another strong mask and I opted for Glamglow Hydrating Treatment which is also a sleeping mask. I sometimes use this in the daytime or before a night out for a quick mask treatment, it makes my base apply a lot more smooth and glowy. This mask smells amazing (of coconuts) and a little goes a long way. When you apply this you can feel it slightly tingling which is a very fun and weird sensation. Do not apply this near your eyes as it can make your eyes water. I do find this one a little bit stickier than The Body Shop Sleeping Mask but this gives me more hydration and my skin is plumper the very next morning. The only con is this price of this.

It's nearly that time of the month so I have been breaking out and this mask is my go-to for clearing those spots. It helps suck out those impurities (GRIM) but it's so good. If you like a good clay mask I will always recommend this one. It really helps reduce spotty red skin and leaves my skin baby soft. Every time I go to Hong Kong I pick up two so I have a backup and I don't see myself ever getting rid of this product. If you haven't heard of Innisfree it's an affordable Korean Skincare/Makeup brand.

I don't have this anymore as I used that last pack, but I picked up this from Hong Kong last year. It is a hydrogel face mask. I've used gel eye masks and thought this was really interesting. This claims to provide hydration and give you a glowy complexion. I used to love sheet masks but I fell out of love with them over the winter since its super cold. I find the corners a bit sharp since it is gel based and to be honest this really didn't do anything for my skin, especially when I don't feel any effects in the morning. I don’t think I will be picking up more of these but I do prefer a gel mask over a cotton mask right now.

Sunday Funday as I call it, what a better way than to have a fun masking time. NIA stands for Not Into Aging and I am all for that. This bottle called Sunday Detox is a whipped charcoal peel off mask. If you have any hair mousse or shaving cream the bottle is pretty much the same where you need to shake the bottle to activate the product. I squeeze a good dollop within my palms and apply a thick layer over my skin. It comes out in a light grey mousse/foam and when you apply it to your skin it changes to a sticky dark grey thick liquid. I find this mask so fun because it makes me look like I have a beard. I basically let it do it's thing and then gently peel the mask off from my chin to my forehead. This mask claims to reduce the appearance of blackheads (which I don't have) and lift away any dead skin cells. My skin is super smooth when I take this off and feels a lot tighter. With this mask avoid your hairline, brows and eye area.

That is it for my little challenge, I really enjoyed this. If you've tried any of these products let me know how you got on.

Until next time!

Joyce x

* I was kindly sent this to review but all opinions are 100% my own! Please see disclaimer for more details.

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  1. Oh I love this idea for a post! It’s good to hear which masks are good as they can be a bit hit and miss sometimes can’t they?! x

  2. I've tried that body shop charcoal mask and I love it x

  3. I loove the sound of the Pixi Glow Mud Mask! I hardly ever use face masks, but I really should treat my skin to one every Sunday evening xo

    Char |

  4. Thirsty Mud is so good i use it a lot because my skin tends to be a bit dehydrated

    Andrew James -

  5. I only have a travel size of the Pixi Glow Mud Mask but my god I love it! I need the full size ASAP x

    Gemma Louise

  6. The Body Shop Vitamin E Sleeping Mask sounds really lovely!

    -Sophie xx | Cherries & Perfume 

  7. There's an excellent selection of face masks here! I really want to try the glamglow masks but I'm always put off by the price tag! xx


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