I was sent this duo from Influenster and there's nothing I love more than trying out new skincare, in the package it contained the Blackhead Fizz Mask and Breakout Treatment.


The Blackhead Fizz Mask claims to clean out your pores, target blackheads. It ingredients contains Sulpher for anti-microbial benefits for clear skin, Kaolin clay to help absorb oil and purify skin and Apple fruit extract to hydrate the skin.

The product comes out in a yellow tinted thick consistency and I apply a thick amount onto my congested areas mainly my T-zone and it almost instantly foams on the skin. It feels so tingly around my nose and makes me want to itch it but the feeling of little bubbles evaporating is very cool. The ingredients contain sulphur and the product absolutely stinks like rotten eggs which are not pleasant at all and I found that it lingered on my skin. I've used this about 5 times and I haven't seen any dramatic skin changes, my skin did feeler cleaner but not in a tight way but I can achieve this with any other mask too.

This little treatment claims to work within 15 minutes, it contains salicylic acid to help kill bacteria/breakouts. It has Patented TT Technology and Phytoplankton Extract to help the skin from over drying out. It also contains Niacinamide that helps to even skin tone and seaweed yo soothe irritated skin.

First of all, I am not a fan of the packaging you have to point the product straight towards the floor for it to drip a little bit out and when you try to do this on your face when you have more than 1 blemish it becomes time-consuming. When I try to shake the product out it gets everywhere and I end up just dripping some product onto the back of my hand and then use my finger to dab onto my skin. Has it actually worked for my skin? No. I haven't seen any skin changes at all and because I use Niacinamide from The Ordinary which helps with blemishes, I know that it works but this is just not strong enough to act as a booster for my skin. It says you can use this underneath your makeup but if it's not working overnight while your skin is clean it makes no difference using it in the daytime.

I hate to sound like a bummer but I didn't like either of the products, they both haven't worked out for me which is a shame.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. It's such a pity to hear they didn't workout for you! :( I've heard such great things about the Breakout Clearing Booster. Everyone's skin is different though! xxx

  2. These both sound good for blemished skin! x

  3. Such a shame these products didn't work out. I was quite excited about the blackhead product when I first saw it but I guess it was too good to be true.

  4. I love this brand especially their sensitive skin range x

  5. Good thing I read this review before I bought either of them! I was really intrigued by the Fizzing mask but if it smells bad, I will just get the Glamglow version instead. Thanks you’ve saved me from trying this!

  6. It's a shame you weren't a fan of the brand, I almost tried some things out but doesn't sound like I'm missing much!

    Gemma Louise

  7. It;s look so cool. Black Swallow has more variety.

  8. I received both of these too and have a review coming soon - I don't really suffer with my skin, so I find it quite difficult to review skincare. I love the fizzing mask though, it feels SO cool xo

    Char |


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