Essence Mascaras : Lash Princess, Instant Volume Boost + Volume Stylist

Going through a mascara phase before stocking up on my holy grail, I tried 3 mascaras from essence cosmetics who is an extremely affordable and cruelty-free brand that was first sold in Germany. Today I am sharing my thoughts on Lash Princess, Instant Volume Boost and Volume Stylist.

Lash Princess is the best selling mascara. The sculpted volume edition claims to give incredible volume, perfectly sculpted and fanned out lashes. The packaging is simple black with purple detail, it is slightly more rounded at the top of the tube and has a rubber grip wand for perfect application.

I found the formula to be quite wet making my lashes droop especially my left eye which also did not hold any curls either and with it be a volume mascara my lashes become clumped in one application, although many people say this is long-lasting, this smudges and transfer on my lower lash line giving my panda eyes. I do like the curved fanned brush which grabs every single lash and gives me a winged lash look but the formula is not suited for me who has straight Asian lashes. For some reason, my left eye would not work with this mascara at all.

Instant Volume Boost, a smudge proof mascara that has a flower fibre brush which reminds me of a drill bit. It claims to give you instant volume in 10 seconds. The packaging is quite thick and when you pull out the mascara wand, the rim of the tube is quite wide therefore not scraping any of the excess product off.

Marketed as a smudge proof mascara this gave me a serious case of panda eyes and it flaked on me. As there is a lot of product on the brush it also becomes clumpy instantly. The formula is quite wet therefore not holding any curl at all, in the picture, you can barely tell that it has done anything, as it was really heavy even with one application, applied sparingly.

Volume Stylist 18h is a lengthening fibre mascara for full and longer lashes. The packaging is quite nice with a black top weave design, the wand is a diamond shape thinner toward the tip and end of the brush. This claims to be long lasting up to 18 hours.

As a fibre mascara, it lengthens and coats my lashes really well, the wand grabs every single lash and gives me the right volume with one layer for both the bottom and top lashes otherwise it can be clumpy. It does transfer a little but nothing compared to the other two and does last me the whole day without drooping. From all the mascaras Volume Stylist is my favourite and I would repurchase in the future.

Have you tried essence mascaras?

Essence is available at Wilko in the UK and Sasa in HK.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. I tried some Essence mascaras and I liked them so much!

  2. I've tried the lash princess mascara and quite liked it, well I thought it was good for the price! I do think there are better mascaras on the high street though!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I've never tried the Essence Mascaras but the Lash Princess looks quite good for the price. I love the Essence liquid lipsticks!

    Katie | XX

  4. Ooh I've never tried Essence mascara but the Lash Princess one looks really nice on you!

  5. Your lashes do look nice with Lash Princess so it's such a shame that it has a wet formula that makes your lashes drop and gives you panda eyes- I chuck out any mascara that does that because no one wants black under-eyes haha. The last one sounds good though- I think I tried an essence mascara back in high-school but haven't noticed the brand anywhere for a good while!

    Soph - x

  6. I love a curved brush and one that gives you that winged effect but it’s a shame that one didn’t work for you! I love the YSL one which is similar! X

  7. I love the look of the Volume Stylist mascara - your lashes look fab!

  8. I definitely do need to try this brand, seen some great products. Lash princess looks great! x

  9. essence has been around for ages where i live but weirdly never liked the products at all. i used to use the lash princess but it would either be to wet or dry our really quickly.

  10. The Lash Princess looks so good and super afforable! May just have to pop down to my local wilkos :) xx

  11. Essence do the BEST mascaras, I love how affordable they are too xx ❤️

  12. This is such a great post and so helpful! I love the little images you've popped in of yourself wearing each mascara xo

    Char |


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