I love my skincare and I always forget to moisturise my body. It's getting a lot colder, therefore, my skin is becoming a lot drier due to the change in weather especially my legs. I like using a good thick cream that sinks into the skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated the next day. I have 2 body creams and 2 hand creams to share.

The first cream that I have been using quite regularly is the L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream - I got this with the matching hand cream for my birthday back in April and it has been sitting in my draw unopened till now. This cream has a strong scent but I do not mind it on my body - if it was my face that would be a different story. The cream is 'ultra rich' as described and come in a silver twist tin. It's easy to slather all over your body especially when your redipping into the pan for more product. You do not need a lot of this to feel the effects onto your skin and I like how the scent lingers on my skin the next day. I recommend this one if you don't have a sensitive nose. 

A Birchbox discovery is the Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream. I have this is the organic rice milk & cherry blossom edition. This smells absolutely beautiful, it's refreshing and slightly floral - I have always been a fan of the cherry blossom scent and was slightly obsessed. This is also a thick cream that sinks immediately into your skin leaving it soft and supple and through to the next day since I like putting body creams on at night. It smells amazing the next day and I truly love this and I do have the 70ml size which I find quite decent and I am planning to purchase the full size that comes in a pan. 

My  all time favourite hand cream has been the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex which is one of the best-selling hand creams in Boots. It sinks easily into the skin and makes my hands feel nourished all day. It claims to target 8 sign of hand ageing over a period of time and I do feel my hands are plumper. My mum loves this cream since I recommended it to her since she has severe dry hands it helps heal the dryness in her skin. 

The next hand cream is the Polaar - The Genuine Lapland Cream which is an actually a cream for all over the body. I have this is in the 25ml size and it is very handy to carry around. I love the scent of this cream as it contains lingonberries, arctic raspberries and cloudberries. This hydrates my hand and leaves it plump through the day and does not have that super sticky feeling. This is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and is rich in vitamins. 

That is all for my favourite current hand and body creams. I love my skincare so don't be like me and forget to moisturise your body. I would love to know you favourite body and hand creams too - I have a huge stash that I need to use up.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. Great blog you have here! It's beautiful.

  2. My hands get so dry during the winter! I've been using that same hand cream & it's absolutely amazing, it has done wonders to my skin haha :-)

    ~ Jasmin N


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