We all knew this was coming since I did an empties post, I have accumulated even more empties now but we will save that for next time. Today's post is more of a show and tell so I won't be going into too much detail since I will probably be doing reviews. If there is anything that you want to see first don't forget to comment below.

Starting off with skincare, looking after your skin is very important. Good makeup equals good skin. I restocked on the Missha Time Revolution Treatment Essence which gives me extra hydration and helps prep your skin for other skincare that goes on top. I truly love this and it is hard to get a hold of unless you purchase it off amazon like I did. 

Since I ran out of my serums and all that lot I looked into the brand called The Ordinary by Deciem which brings a new outlook towards skincare by being affordable and functional . The products that I chose came in a pipette bottle and I chose the anti-aging regime since I am into my anti-aging products. I purchased my selection from Asos since I have next day delivery and they stock most of the collection. I will be doing a whole review so keep an eye out for that. I picked up Buffet, Hyaluronice Acid 2% +B5, Advanced Retinoid 2% and 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil.

I picked up some skincare from the Superdrug line B., the Essence Lotion and Eye Cream. Since I thought my Missha Treatment Essence was going to take a month to arrive from South Korea I thought I will slip this in my skincare regime, I've used this before and it hydrates my skin very well I've talked about it in my previous blog posts so I will link it here. I'm always on the lookout for an eye cream that can plump and soothe my under eye area and I find that most of them are firming which is not what I want since I have dry under eyes. This eye cream claims to hydrate, soothe and combat fine lines which I already have. 

The Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray is more of a makeup item but the colour scheme goes with the skincare selection haha. I've tried most of the scents, green tea, jasmine, peach and now the cucumber, it's refreshing and smells light. I enjoy how this spray leaves my makeup flawless. 

Onto the makeup. I'm slowly going through all my foundations and the L.A. Girl HD Iluminating Foundation one is currently out of stock so I thought I will pick up the newly formulated Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer. It has medium coverage and is one of my favourite foundations in the winter. I think the new formula is not as dewy but is still has a very natural finish alone with the concealer. I'll have to try this out more. 

Lastly, we all get sucked in by free delivery since it seems that we are not willing to pay for delivery, I decided to add the Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Charmed into my basket. Charmed is a collab with Manny MUA and is a nude pink tone, it looked more nude on the swatches online but it is quite a cool toned pink. The scent of this is very strong and I want to test it out more. 

That is all for my new in beauty and skincare don't forget to comment below if you want to see specific reviews first. I currently have a giveaway running on my last post so don't forget to check it out.

Until next time!
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  1. That Ofra liquid lipstick looks gorgeous! Such a pretty shade. X


    1. I was going to swatches but it became different shapes on my arm 😂

  2. That Ofra lipstick is gorgeous, I need to try it out! I love seeing what other bloggers have been buying recently:)

    Emily xo

    1. I'm nosey like that too! It's so interesting! x

  3. I really wish the Healthy Mix came in more shades! I find them all a bit pink.

    Beccah xx

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