Today I'm reviewing the Morphe 25A Copper Spice palette and the 25B Bronzed Mocha palette. I did indeed buy both of them since it was 'limited edition' and the TrendMood and Morphe Instagram photo really sold it to me. Morphe Brushes is an affordable cosmetics company based in the US and since these palettes are Morphe website exclusive I did once again use a forwarding service although they do ship internationally but it is $40 USD for shipping alone which is crazy. I used My Mall Box again and which I've talked about in my Colourpop haul which I'll link here.


The 25A and the 25B palette are much different compared to their normal 35 palettes. Instead of an all around black plastic packaging, you have an acrylic lid which allows you to see the colours which I favour. The eyeshadows are also in a square form placed next to each other instead of the circular shape they have spaced out in the 35 palettes. The overall palette is in a square shaped form and is much easier to store and hold. And lastly, the sleeve of the palette is matte black with a brief description of the colours on the back of the box. The palettes both have 25 eyeshadows and consists of three eyeshadow formulas; matte, shimmer and metallic and are pigmented.


The 25A palette is described as an 'exotic and earthy mix of deep browns and spicy shades'. This palette reminds me of the 35O palette but with a bigger range of coppery colours, less vibrant oranges, more light peach shades, virtually no highlight colours and differs in undertones in the browns - I did compare them but they are not exactly similar but almost, just a little hint of more brown or reds.

Row 1 (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)
The above swatches from the 1st row were difficult to capture since the tones were quite light and therefore harder to focus with the camera but it consists of a range of light peach and orange shades and a light yellow in the second shade down. The peachy and orangey shades make great transitional colours and this row are the lightest colours in the palette so if you have a lighter skin tone, you would need another colour to set your eye primer and to highlight. 

Row 2 - (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)
The 2nd row consists of caramel brown shades, the 1st shade has a slight hint of glitter but does not show up on the skin, the 2nd is slightly ashy, the 3rd is a darker than the 1st shade and is slightly patchy and the last one has a mustard tone compared to the 4th. Personally, I don't think there should be as many caramel browns like the 1st since it's not much difference to the 4th shade but there is a good selection of undertones.

3rd row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)

The third row has a mix of rusty browns, deep brown and copper shades. The 1st shade is a matte rusty red-brown, the 2nd is a coppery brown with slight shimmer but the shimmer does not show up on the skin, the 3rd is a matte ashy dark brown and applies a little patchy, the 4th is a matte dark brown with a little red undertone and the 5th is a matte brown with a cool purple undertone. The rusty red brown shade is so beautiful all over the lid and also the crease colour, there is also a great selection of undertones to work with if you are wanting something to darken up your eyeshadow.

4th row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo) 
The 4th row is the most vibrant row of all since it is mainly the shimmer and metallic shadows. The 1st shade is a shimmery copper, the 2nd a metallic cool-toned taupe lilac, the 3rd a metallic copper, the 4th a metallic gold and 5th a metallic copper with a hint of red. All the metallic shadows are chunkier and have a slightly spongey feel and they have incredible pigment and blends easily on the eyes. I haven't had a problem with fall out either so these are all thumbs up.

5th row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)

The 5th row is the smokiest and darkest shades of the palette. The 1st shade is a metallic pink gold, the 2nd a shimmery dark brown, the 3rd a shimmery purple-brown, the 4th a matte deep dark brown and the 5th an intense matte black.  There is a great selection of deep brown with different undertones and I like how there is a black if you do use that colour. 


The 25B palette is described as a 'steamy spiced latte on a crisp cool day' This palette reminds me of the 35P (Plum) palette which I do not own and it has a great selection of cool and warm shades. The burgundy, pinks and browns are the main focus of this palette.  

1st row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)

The first row is all matte shades and has a light yellow, pinks and peach shades in the mix. The light yellow shade has a slight brightening effect and works great as a base colour as well as the light pink (3rd shade) which almost does not show up on my arm swatch. The peach shades are good transitional crease colour and blends seamlessly.

2nd row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)
The second row has a mix of light browns with different undertones, the first four shades are all matte and the 1st shade is a light orangey brown, the 2nd is slightly cooled toned, the 3rd ashy, the 4th slightly warmer and the 5th shade with a more red undertone and slight glitter. I love using the 3rd ashy brown as the initial base colour to help blends everything out, I rarely reach for the cool toned brown but it's a good selection of undertones.

3rd row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)
The 3rd row consists of all metallic shade and was hard to capture on camera as it reflects. The 1st shade is a gold with a hint of yellow, the 2nd a champagne pink, the 3rd a rusty pink, the 4th slightly cool tone brown grey and the 5th a warm brown. The 5th shade (warm brown) has a little kick up compared to the others but still applies seamlessly. The lighter shades in this row such as the 2nd can be used to highlight too. 

4th row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)

The fourth row consists of a mix of matte, shimmery and metallic shades. The 1st shade is a matte warm red-brown, the 2nd a metallic dark brown, the 3rd a matte mustard brown, the 4th a matte orange-brown and the 5th a shimmery purple brown. The last shade (5th) is a bit patchy and skips a little when you blend it out, so something you need to bear in mind.

5th row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = top to bottom in the photo)
5th row (Swatches are from left to right from the palette = right to left in the photo)
The last row is the deeper burgundy and brown shades in a mix of shimmer and matte formula. The 1st shade is a shimmery deep brown, the 2nd a matte warm deep brown, the 3rd a hint more orange than the 2nd but is also still a matte finish, the 4th a burgundy/raspberry and the 5th a matte black brown. My favourite shade is the burgundy and personally, I don't think you need both 2nd and 3rd shades.


I think they are both lovely palettes to have but if you already have the 35O palette you won't need the 25A palette as it has a range of peachy brown and orange tones. If you already have the 35F palette you are more than set with the number of shimmers available. 

Overall much prefer the 25B palette over the 25A but it is personal preference, I don't have that plum toned palette in my collection and there are certain shades that I love in each. Sometimes I'm in two minds whether I should have purchased them both but then I look at how pretty the palettes are and I don't regret it. 

I do like the shape of the palette since it is more compact and easier to store and I hope they make it to their permanent collection and create more 25 eyeshadow palettes and continue to be a good formula and affordable. The 25A and 25B have been restocked on the Morphe Brushes website and they are $17.99 USD.

35F Palette

If you come to the end of this, congratulations it is a long post and I seriously have run out of vocabulary to describe the different types of browns. I have a little giveaway for you guys that I've had in my possession for a while and was waiting for the right time. If you are a Morphe Brushes lover like me, you are going to love the 35F (Fall into Frost) palette that I am giving away. I have a huge review here if you want to know more about the palette and it made my favourites last year and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Full terms and conditions are below. Good luck and I hope this review found it helpful.

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  1. I have yet to try a Morphe palette so I reaaaally need to up my game and make a purchase! Their frosty palettes looks amazing!

    X Tash /

  2. Great photos. The bronzed mocha is my favourite one too as I love the burgundy shade in it. Wish there was one more red shade in it though. M xx

  3. The 25A palette looks delicious! I adore warm neutral colours on my eyes. In fact, they're only kind I wear. I'm contemplating between the 12NB and 25A. Both look amazing I'm torn!

  4. I haven't tried Morphe yet but I'm always reading blog posts about them and have been wanting a palette for ages particularly the colours in your palettes above

  5. Thank you for hosting but I don't have any Morphe products but I love to own one!

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  7. So pretty! I actually just ordered the 25A from the recent restock and it's going to be my first Morphe purchase! I'm really excited to get it!

  8. I really love the 25F palette, even if I don't own it yet :)

  9. I really really really want to try some of the Morphe palettes! Problem is, I can never decide which one to buy, every single one looks amazing. I'll have to decide before my next BeautyBay haul. Any recommendations?

  10. I've been wanting to try any of the Morphe palettes, the Color Koffee Eyeshadow one in particular. I have watched and read countless reviews, but haven't committed to buying so many colors at once. I'm so conflicted. Are they really worth the hype?

  11. Those two palettes are absolutely gorgeous, so jealous!! xx

    Gemma Louise

  12. I haven't tried Morphe yet but Ihave been wanting a palette for ages from them. They are gorgeous.

  13. Love the look of these palettes! I've never tried morphe eyeshadow before but always want to! I have a brush set from them, it's their travel set so has a mix of face and eye brushes and I love them!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  14. This is the exact palette that I've been wanting! Would love to win so much! 😍

  15. I've heard so much about Morphe as a brand and unfortunately they don't ship to where I am- and other websites that offer shipping services charge a ridiculous amount of money, so I've never justified making any Morphe purchase! I really do want to try out their palettes- such gorgeous shades!- and their brushes!


  16. Actually I've never tried anything from Morphe but I've always wanted the 35F palette, that's why I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping to win this GA, the 35F is a beautiful palette, definitely my favourite. Thank you very much for the chance! xx

  17. I only tried morphe brushes & they are really great quality ;) My fav are from elite line E3 & E4

  18. My wife says she has never used one before but would love to try

  19. Wich ones to choose...
    25A&B or 35O or 35 W?


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