I am no longer a Colourpop Virgin! I have been dying to get my hands on some Colourpop products and always chicken out because of shipping charges and the possibility of getting a huge customs tax. I've been reading a lot of blog posts and decided to go with My Mall Box to send my items to the UK, I am not sponsored by them and did pay my owns fees and I did use Michelle's (from Thou Shalt Not Covet) referral code which I got $5 off.

Getting into the haul first, there are so many items that I still want to pick up but I wanted to stick with the basics and opted for a set of the Super Shock Shadows called Mile High, which contains 6 different eyeshadows; Truth - light shimmery beige with a satin finish, Nillionaire - warm bronze/gold metallic finish, So Quiche - a olive shade with gold, pink and violet glitter, La La -rose gold with a metallic finish, Cricket - a plum shade with glitter and Mittens - a deep warm brown with red undertones with a matte finish.

These eyeshadows are really funky - weird word to describe them but the have a soft bouncy texture and they pack a lot of pigment. I did I have to experiment with them since I have never come across a texture like this before so I played with the shadows a lot and they are really easy to use and I do like using a synthetic brush rather than my fingers, however, your fingers do give off more pigment. My favourite shade from the selection is Mittens and if you have browns eyes like me this looks gorgeous on the crease along with Lala as a base and Cricket all over the lid.

The Mile High set comes in a magnetic flap box which has some weight and is quite bulky, it comes with a mirror inside the box but I don't see myself keeping the box as it's not storage friendly. I really want to get more of the quads especially the Kathleen Lights collab but I will need to wait until next time to give everything a good use.

Sticking with the Super Shock line I purchased the Super Shock Cheek which comes in forms of highlighters and blushers. There was an offer on when I purchased these ( spend over so much $$ you will get however many highlighters free) and I got 3 free highlighters in my order and purchased a blusher. The three highlighters are Candyman, Wisp and Lunch Money. Candyman is the darkest shade out of the 4 you could have picked, it is too dark on my skin tone but I can easily use this as a perfect gold eyeshadow, Wisp is the perfect golden champagne colour - think Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop and Lunch Money is a reflective light gold.

Wisp is definitely my favourite colour out of the 3 I have and it is really easy to apply with a synthetic fibre brush if you want to pack on more of a punch dab it with your fingers. I apply this after my powders, bronzer and blushers and it does not cake up which is what I was scared would happen since it's a cream/moose/bouncy formula.

I also picked up Quarters which is a beautiful dusty coral blush and it looks beautiful if you going for an autumnal look. I really like how this shows up on my skin tone and I do use a blush brush to dab this on my cheeks. The highlighters and blushers have the same texture as the Super Shock Shadows and so far I can't stop using them.

Onto the lips which were what I was most excited for along with the Super Shock Eyeshadows. I once again opted for a set since there was soo many choices and I did want to try all the different finishes. I chose the lip bundle Up and Away which has three different shades; Love Bug - a terracotta colour in an Ultra Matte Finish , Calypso - a pink nude in an Ultra Satin Finish and Mama a burnt orange colour in an Ultra Matte Finish. 

Love bug reminds me a bit of Mac Diva and appears much darker on my lips. It is a beautiful colour but I find the Ultra Matte Finish too drying and becomes chalky throughout the day, same with Mama. Mama looks almost coral on my lips and it definitely a shade I would wear more in the summer rather than the winter nonetheless it is beautiful but I'm a bit iffy about the finish. It is more drying the Nyx Lip Lingerie's that I have tried which is saying something since I no longer use them without a gloss. Calypso looks like a ' your lips but better' shade on me which tells you how pigmented my lips are but I love the Ultra Satin Finish which is what I will be sticking to in the future since they last a long time on my lips, is easy to reapply and last of all comfortable and hydrating. 

I also picked up Lumiere 2 - a dusty mauve shade in an Ultra Matte Finish, Weho a nude beige shade, an Ultra Glossy Lip and lastly Aquarius a pink nude in a creme finish. 

Lumiere 2 is a collab with Kathleen Lights along with Aquarius Lippie Stix. Lumiere 2 is supposedly a dusty mauve shade but it has too much purple in the colour and therefore appears more lilac on my lips and makes me look a bit ghostly. Aquarius a beautiful nude shade on me, the lightest nude I will ever go for. It is a creme finish wich means it is a medium to full coverage lipstick and it has a slight sheen. The scent reminds me of pineapple and coconuts and I am obsessed with this shade. 

That is all for the makeup, now to get this to your front door in the UK.


As mentioned before I used a forwarding service called My Mall Box. It basically allows you to have a US address to send all your goodies to which they store, repackage and send to you. 

First of all, you need to register your details where you are asked basic information such as email addresses, creating a password for your account and also any referral codes ( Please use mine here - I would be soo grateful!). 

When you confirm you account via email it then creates a US address which is based in their Delaware warehouse. You then use the address provided to you as shipping details in all your US purchased websites. I only ordered from Morphe Brushes and Colourpop so far but they have worked great for me. I did not go through PayPal and used my direct card directly as using paypal cancels out the shipping details that you inputted in on Colourpop's and Morphe Brushes's website so please be aware! 

Then you wait for the company to dispatch your order to My Mall Box which then you will receive an email saying when it arrives at the Delaware warehouse and what you order contains in detail. 

You are then allowed to edit the cost of your products as it reduces your customs tax but be aware that if the parcel is lost you can only claim back so much from insurance if you opt for the delivery option that is the cheapest.

If you have more than one order you are able to consolidate your packages to reduce packaging and weight, therefore, becomes cheaper for you to ship the package over. It is free to consolidate your orders. 

All in all, it took approx 3 days to leave My Mall Box from receiving, repackaging and resending. It would have been faster but I was waiting for my Colourpop order as it took ages to dispatch from Colourpop.

I chose the cheapest and longest delivery option. I had $5 credit from the referral code and the delivery option cost $18.37 for USPS Non-Tracking Standard Delivery which takes 5-12 business days. Therefore I only paid £10.85 for delivery as it took off my $5 credit.

My order was dispatched on the 8th arrived on 15th safe and soundly which I was extremely happy about and also NO TAX!!! I would recommend this option and I will be using My Mall box in the future, they also have a 'buy for you' option but I don't think I will be using that anytime soon.

I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed the goodies!

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. These all look so pretty, love the colours in the first image.


    I love Colour pop,I used the below sites with cheaper shipping to get the lipsticks I wanted. The shade mama is the one that appeals to me the most and I might buy that soon. I've got tulle and frick n frack and I love them. I'm after the lippie stix as well, just too many amazing shades to choose from!

    1. Beautybay doesn't sell colourpop haha, but yeah they recently have more american brands like RCMA x

  3. How much did your order come to and what was the price you changed it to?

    1. Hi Pao, my Colourpop order came to $65 and my Morphe order was $14.99 consolidated into one package. I changed the total to under $15, so just distribute the cost between the items. Hope that helps :) x

  4. I need to try colour pop out now!

  5. Great choices! I love LaLa and Lovebug is gorgeous xx

  6. I've heard such good stuff about Colourpop! Really nice selection of colours :) xx

  7. aww sorry you didn't like the matte lipsticks! love bug is my current fav. I've been wearing it constantly!

    x Emily ||

  8. Lala looks incredible! My friend is going to America next month so I'll have to give them a list! xx

  9. I love the products you picked up, so beautiful! Also really good to hear about a good mailing service, that's really worth it! Your photography is stunning too!

    Neelam | xxx


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