Welcome to November the cold weather definitely reminds us to keep warm . I am a home body so there is no chance that you will be hearing me leaving the house to venture out on a wild night. The cold reminds us of items that we need to buy to keep warm and to be comfortable. Winter for me is definitely all about staying indoors, relaxing baths, good night sleep and staying warm. I've created a checklist of items that I have I use to prep for the winter.

What can be better than loungewear? Pyjamas of course, but I don't like wearing the same clothes in and out of bed  - you might get a little sweaty, you might have cooked in your loungewear so it's better to keep them separate. No, it does mean you need to venture out to buy a whole new wardrobe, but I am not stopping you. Winter is a time that you are allowed to wear your big sweaters and knitwear indoors and my favourite jumper to wear is the Noisy May Jumper. I just love how soft the material is and the detail in the knit, it looks like you made an effort in your 'stay at home/evening' gear.

Next up for loungewear is the bottoms and we are talking about Ladies Joggers, You will never see me leaving the house with a pair of joggers, yes I am a geordie and I live in Newcastle and you also see everyone strutting around in a pair of joggers but it's not my kind of style....maybe one day. I have jogging jeans so maybe that counts? The pair I have is from Jack Wills*, they are a slim fit and cuffs around the ankle which keep the cold air out. These are extremely soft and comfortable against the skin and I love wearing them around the house. They have a huge collection of ladies joggers and various colours. I love the navy as it creates a great contrast against my grey knitwear - it looks awesome in my Instagram photo below.

 Onto pyjamas now, I started wearing my warmer and longer pyjamas bottoms and tops at the end of September since I am naturally a colder person. I love neutral colours such as your greys and anything that is soft against my skin. The ones I have are from Primark, they are 100% cotton and my pyjamas never match but it's nice to know you have the other half lying around somewhere.

Dressing gowns- I think I buy one almost every year because I always get a white one. The fluffier they are the better and if I can wrap my legs around them they are perfect. My white robe that I have right now is no longer white so it's definitely time to swap for a new one. I already got this from Primark but I have seen this beautiful dressing gown from New Look here.

Fluffy socks is a must have in everyone's winter wardrobe, you can't forget your tootsies and they are the first body part to feel cold along with your hands and nose. I have so many pairs of fluffy socks, but they always seem to go missing. These are very affordable from Primark but make sure you don't get the fluffy socks with the glitter yarn as it irritates your skin a little, especially mine since I have quite sensitive skin.

If you don't have a Hot water bottle, get one now, they great for periods when you have a horrible cramp and also keeps your hands and feet warm. Mine is a mini size and I love it soo much it's easy to take everywhere and it's also great a Christmas present too. It also performs as a great cuddle toy and that extra bit of warmth.

Nothing can relax you more than scents which include hot baths, candles and pillow sprays.

The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is my favourite pillow spray, I swear by this stuff it calms you down before you go to sleep and eases you into a nice sleep. I love the scent of lavender and this smells amazing. I've tried dupes of this before I  end up coming back to this one, you only need a spritz or two to do the job.

I'm all for a hot bubble bath and what is better than a classic from Lush - The Comforter . I always have a bath and this bubble bar is very relaxing and turns your bath a lovely pink colour, you can use this a couple of times and you just crumble it into the bathtub while the water is running which creates loads of bubbles. Lush has brought out some Christmas limited edition bubbles bars to and I can't wait to check them out.

As soon as Autumn hit I have been burning candles. My favourite Christmas scent is from Yankee Candle - Cranberry Ice. This is a firm Christmas scent of mine and I am so obsessed. I find that some of the Christmas scents can be too sweet which is why I love this one plus I love cranberries.

Where would we be without a good cup of hot chocolate? We can't always pop to Costa to have one, therefore, I have instant hot chocolate at home and my favourite brand is Options since you only need to add water. I'm a little bit lactose intolerant, therefore, I can't have to much milk but I like adding a dash to make the hot chocolate more smooth and creamy. You can add whipped cream on top of this topped with marshmallows which make the perfect Christmas drink or you add some cheeky alcohol in there. The cup I have is from Disney and it is so cute and comes with a little spoon. 

That is all for my winter prep, so don't forget your loungewear - knits, joggers/sweatpants, pyjamas, dressing gown, hot water bottle, fluffy socks, bath bombs, pillow sprays, scented candles and hot chocolate.

Have a lovely day/evening!
Until next time!

Joyce x

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NB! * Please note this post is collaborative and contains PR samples but all words and opinions and ideas are my own. 


  1. that is a great haul! I love the jumper and the socks.
    The Color Palette

  2. Agreed! Big fluffy warm socks, warm pyjamas and a hot water bottle are my winter essentials.

  3. I love winter aromatic candles and bath stuff! Loved this post Joyce!

    Alexus Fay of Sincerely Fay

  4. great post, totally agree with you. love the cosy fluffy textures and hot drinks for winter!

    Bridge Of Memories

  5. This time of year was maaade for cozying up with a hot drink! I've been trying to up my loungewear game recently as I like to at least look a little stylish when I'm lounging. I like your idea of going for complimenting colours though, navy & grey is a classic combination!

    SinĂ©ad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  6. I'm all about the loungewear and hot chocolate, like you I won't be leaving my flat for any wild nights. You've beaten me on the hot drinks front though - I bought malteasers hot chocolate the other day and it was vile! xx

    1. This made me giggle soo much! Definitely sticking with Options x

  7. I spend the whole of December in cute PJs/Sweatpants to be honest its amazing being all cosy inside with a hot choc when outside is freezing! I've bought my um the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for her Christmas so its nice to hear about you enjoying it...hope she likes it too!

  8. Everything looks so beautiful and cosy, love this post.

  9. i love your minnie mouse mug, it's super cute

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