Hope your Monday is going great so far, I've had a relaxing weekend treating myself to a hot bath and a face mask which I thought I will share today. I have been using the Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment and I've heard many great things about the Glamglow range. I received this from my sister with many other goodies to tell you about but for now, see how I got along with Thirstymud.


Thirstymud comes is a blue box with silver accents and when you first open the box it says 'hello sexy' which brightens up your day. The product sits nicely within the box and has a star on top of the lid representing their logo. The product itself sits within the silver and metallic blue jar and retails for £39 aimed at both men and women and all skin types.


The mask is to hydrate, moisturise, restore, replenish and calm your skin and has three uses. Day use; leave on for 10-20 minutes allowing the product to absorb into the skin, wipe off with tissue and massage dreaming product into skin or wash off. Night use; leave on to infuse the skin with moisture and wake up with extremely hydrated skin. And In-flight use; Apply at beginning of the flight and leave on for flight duration. You would think the mask would be a clay/mud form as it's called 'Thirstymud' but it is a lightweight gel-cream. It has an off-beige colour and the scent reminds me of almonds.


I applied the face mask after my bath and a light spritz of toner on my skin, paying specific attention to my dry problem areas and applying more if needed. The cream formula spreads evenly on my skin and has a slightly sticky feeling. Whenever I use this face mask I like to use it overnight as a sleeping mask as I feel like it gives me the full impact of the product. For the first couple of minutes of using the product, there is a slightly tingly effect but nothing to worry about.


As I use the product as a sleeping mask, my results are not until the morning after but when I wake up my face feels extra soft (like a baby's butt) and more plumped and this is before cleansing my face. I do recommend washing your face after if you are using this as an overnight mask since you would be removing the excess product that your skin doesn't need but saying that my skin did not feel tacky since it was that dehydrated.


Overall I have been really enjoying this mask, I have incredibly sensitive skin and I have not suffered any reactions or breakouts which are incredible. I find that applying makeup the next morning more smooth and my skincare to sink in into my skin a lot better. The scent of the product sometimes gets to me depending on how sensitive my nose is that day but I love the results and the options and ideas on how to use your face mask to give your skin the best nutrients. I really want to take this with me next time I go on a flight since I'm always self-conscious of whipping out a sheet mask and looking like an alien on the plane. I do think it is pricey for a mask but it's just like an overnight cream and I do not mind investing in skincare since wrinkles are coming.

I hope you've enjoyed this review and found it helpful if you've tried Glamglow before let me know how you got in with it since I really want to try Gravity Mud!I currently have a giveaway running on my last post so don't forget to check it out.

Until next time!

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  1. Now I really believe this masks are a must try! Everybody says good things about them. You sold it to me, it is now definitely on my wish list. Your posts are always so detailed and helpful !! :D

    I would love to know how do you stay close to what matters:

    See you soon! Xx

  2. Seems like something I need to try. After being ill the last few weeks my skin has gotten really bad.


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