The infamous 350 palette, is it worth the hype? This is a constantly sold out among the official Morphe Brushes site and even harder to get a hold of in the UK. They recently launched the 350M (Matte) and the 350S (Shimmer) that coordinates with the 350 palette. I've seen the 350M & 350S among many different YouTuber's channels and I have wanting to try out the original 350 as I don't want to commit to one finish/formula.


The palette comes in a simple black cardboard sleeve with Morphe Brushes printed on top. When you first slide the palette out there is a bubble wrap sleeve that protects the palette during transit. The shadows are a plastic palette and hold 35 shades. The clasp is quite secure, I sometimes have trouble opening this with one hand. I like how compact the shadows are but it is difficult to travel with since it is huge in size. This has no mirror which does not bother me since I don't use the mirrors. 


There is a total of 35 shades and contains a mix of matte, metallics and shimmers. This overall is a warm palette with your earthy oranges, browns, nudes and copper shades. This is a great palette for those who love their warm neutrals shades. I was pretty impressed with the pigmentation of these and how easy it is to blend the eyeshadows. I find some of the shades are better than my Urban Decay Palette since sometimes they can become patchy and harder to blend with other shadow brands. Has it made me want to crave other Morphe Brushes Palettes? Yes, definitely, I want the 35F (Frost) Palette which looks like a great autumnal colour palette. Overall this is a great palette with an affordable price tag.


Okay, this is extremely hard to get hold off in the UK but I do think it's worth the wait when the chances come. Do I think it's worth paying extra taxes and shipping fees? No. There are 4 websites that I know of, which are located in the UK that does not charge horrendous extra charges. 

1. Beauty Chamber . I bought my palette off this site since the shipping was cheaper than Glam Saidey and I purchased other brands, it arrived within a couple of days, they also stock other brands that we have difficulty getting hold off such as Girlactic and Z Palette.
2. Glam Saidey. I discovered this website via google when I was doing an intense search to see what sites stocked American beauty brands. They have many other brands such as Violet Voss and Costal Scents and is the only one so far that stocks the 35F palette.
3. Beauty Bay
Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty are definitely the hardest to try and get the 350 palette, they are constantly out of stock and not once I have seen them re-stocking, they have restocked and introduced other Morphe Palettes if you are interested. 

I hope these links help you to get a hold of the palette in the future. There is no need to fork out extra £££ to get a hold of these from the US, wait a while and you can avoid the shipping charges and tax by importing. I am in no way affiliated with these companies they are all my own research, if you know of any other websites that are located in the UK please let me know in the comments below.

That is all for this post, I hope you've enjoyed it.

Until next time!

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  1. That seems so lovely! I definitely need to get my hands on one after my little shopping ban experiment is over :D

    <3: Jasmin N

  2. That does look incredible! Are the shadows good quality?
    Christy x

  3. I wish I'd known about these websites sooner, I actually just went for it and ordered off the actual Morphe website and paid double the cost of the palette in shipping and then got charged customs. I'd been waiting for it to come in stock on cultbeauty or beautybay for like half a year and I just wanted it too much. I'm actually glad I did though because I honestly love this palette and for how many shades you get, it didn't cost me that much! x

    Gemma Louise

    1. We all try to justify its affordability but the number of shades when it's expensive haha! Yh the palette is amaazing! I really want the 35 F now x

  4. Ooo this makes me want to buy the palette so badly, I just hate that it never seems to be in stock!


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