Prepare your eyes for the epitome of beauty: The Jaclyn Hill X Becca Cosmetics Face Palette. I have had this for about a week now, my lovely friend picked this up in America for me and I absolutely love it. I'm really sorry that this is limited edition and I know it's already hard to get a hold of in the UK but it's a product I had to mention since it's going to be featured a lot on here.


This is my first Becca Cosmetics purchase and I am really glad I have chosen the Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette to try out. The packaging is stunning with a gold sleek outline/trim with a clutch clasp that is quite secure. The surface of the palette has a plastic covered coating to protect the logo print which has gold and silver specks surrounding the Jaclyn Hill and Becca logo. The plastic covered coating has helped me protect the surface since I already have a couple of dents on the front. Inside there is a huge mirror which is really handy. This overall looks and feels premium to go with the price tag of £48. I will be taking this away when I travel, so we will see how well it holds up.



There are 3 blushers within the palette; Rose Spritz (Luminous), Amaretto (Mineral) and Pamplemousse (Mineral) which are all limited colours withing the Becca X Jaclyn Hill range.

Rose Spritz is a luminous blush, described as a highlighter and blusher hybrid. This is a peachy pink colour with gold shimmer. This is extremely pigmented and buttery smooth. I lightly tap once into the product with a brush and apply onto my cheeks - you only need a little product. This shade lasted on me all day and looked beautiful under the sunlight. I usually shy away from blushers that have too much shimmer since I have oily skin but Rose Spritz have changed me.

Amaretto is a mineral blush, which seems like a matte formula but has a satin finish on me. This is a toasted almond shade which is a warm brown toned blush. Like Rose Spritz this is creamy and pigmented. This is a perfect shade for my light/medium skin tone - it works as a blush and bronzer that warms up my complexion.  I usually wear a 'mauvey' blush (think Rockatuer from Benefit) and this has taken over my everyday natural blush choice. Amaretto wears off nicely on my skin since it looks very natural.

Pamplemousse is a mineral blush in a matte formula. This is bright coral shade which I would only wear in the Spring/Summer, this shade is definitely out of my comfort zone. When I use this I tap lightly into the product since it is very pigmented. Pamplemousse is easy to blend and does not look patchy on my skin. The wear time is much longer than Amaretto since it is a brighter colour.

I wear Amaretto every time I use this palette and usually top it off with Rose Spritz when it's not too sunny (since the shimmer is strong and I don't want to look like a disco ball) or Pamplemousse when I want a light flush of colour.


There are 2 highlighters in the palette which is noticeably bigger compared to the blushers - I guess it for the crazy highlight fanatics like me out there. The infamous Champagne Pop is included in this palette along with the exclusive 'Prosecco Pop' which is now available in the Limited Champagne Splits on Sephora.

Champagne Pop is a white gold with peach tones. This is super pigmented and is a universal shade since I have seen it on many different skin tones. It has a cream to powder consistency and is super easy to blend. This lasts all day on me and the 'glow' stays. I'm very carefully when I apply this since you only need a sweep of this on your cheeks bones. 

Prosecco Pop is a true yellow gold highlight. This will suit medium to darker skin tones more since it may look a bit yellow on pale/pink skin tones. Like Champagne Pop, it is creamy and super pigmented.

I truly love both of the highlighters, it depends on my mood which one I opt for. I love mixing Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop together which creates a beautiful golden peach shade. I use a fan brush to apply onto my cheekbones for a controlled and light application, I am super impressed by the pigmentation and it lasts all day on me. 


Palettes are a good way to experiment with a range of different products, just like an eyeshadow palette since you have a lot of options and can tailor them to you personal needs. The Becca X Jaclyn Hill Face Palette is a truly treasured piece in my collection. I think it's very affordable as it contains 5 products when you pay £48 for the whole palette. £48 divide by 5 is £9.60 a pan. You pay £26- £33 for a Becca blush/highlight depending where you purchase the product from, so I have saved a lot of £££. 

I do apologise that this is sold out now, but you can still get the Becca Champagne Splits which contains these limited shades from the face palette by accessing Sephora. Space NK did stock the Champagne Splits available for us UK'ers but they are sold out now but you can still purchase Champagne Pop if you wish to do so. If you have favourites from Becca Cosmetics please leave it in the comments below. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will add photos of me wearing the product when I am less ill and look more human. Until next time!



  1. omg its so pretty! and pigmented! gah so lovely

  2. Highlighters look so pretty! So in love...

  3. Oh my gosh I absolutely love the look of this! I am super jealous!
    JH |

  4. It really is a gorgeous palette - I totally understand why it sold out so quickly :)

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. I realllllly want this!! Looks absolutely stunning! Xxx

  6. Wow! This palette is so beautiful! I love Jaclyn Hill and love what she has created! Great post lovely :)

    Pinar xo

  7. I super envy you! I love the color of the pallettes. You can mix them easily depending on your mood or style for the day. No wonder why it was sold out! Would love to see them on you babe. Have a nice day! xx


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