My spending ban is officially over and I finally picked up the NYX Cosmetics Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. Liquid Lipsticks are still quite new to me having only a few, most of my liquid-like lipsticks are in a cream formula. Is the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks a perfect addition to my lip collection?.



There are 12 shades in this 'Lingerie' collection where you can find a suitable nude for everyone. From your cool-tone browns to nude beiges and tints of reds. They claim to have a weightless matte formula and has an affordable price tag of £6.50 each. I picked up 3 shades that called to me that I would wear on a daily basis.


From the packaging, it looks like I've picked 3 similar shades but I made sure they were different when I swatched them in-stores. 


Ruffle Trim (04) is the first shade I picked up. It is a mostly described as Cinnamon Pink. I say it's a nude with a warm undertone with a hint of red/brown. This is my favourite out of the 3 since it is 'My Lips But Better' shade. I heard Ruffle Trim is a dupe for the Kylie Lip kit in Ginger as it has a warm brown/red undertone,


I said to my sister, I'm going to wear Push-Up today and she answered with 'bra?' Thanks, Girl! Anyways it just brought up that memory. Push-up is shade number 06, which is described as a 'Brown Spice Pink'. I say it's a cool toned pink with a hint of rose. When I first swatched this on my hand I thought this would be my perfect 'My Lips But Better' shade but it wasn't. This washes me out like crazy and makes me look dead, it also becomes slightly lighter when it is fully dried. 


Exotic is shade number 12 described as a 'Warm Mahogany Red'. I believe this is the darkest 'red' toned shade in the lingerie collection. I would describe it as a brown nude with red undertones. This reminds me of MAC Taupe as it has a similar undertone (see swatches of MAC Taupe). I really like this shade, as it suits my medium/yellow skin, see my Instagram photo here of me wearing the shade. This is a shade that I would wear if I was feeling more daring. 


The liquid lipsticks have a thick creamy mousse like texture which makes it extremely easy to glide onto the lips. I like the flat applicator which scoops up the product and I find that I don't need to redip my wand back into the tube.

I found that when I applied the product onto my lips it dried in a matter of seconds however when I swatched it on my hand to take a photo you can see it dried patchy - this does not reflect how it looks on the lips but it's something I wanted you guys to know.  

The finish dries fully matte but it has a slightly tacky/sticky feeling throughout the day. One thing that puts me off the whole collection and I noticed straight away how dry the formula is. It EMPHASISES every single little tiny line you have on your lips. It did, however, last me the entire day until I touched oily foods or when I removed my make-up 


Do I think you need to flock to the shops and buy this immediately? No. I think the concept of a nude for everyone is great and the colours shades they have developed are amazing. My favourite out of the 3 I picked up is Ruffle Trim and Exotic.

I really hate how dry these becomes on my lips. I kept constantly licking my lips to get some moisture back into them and I felt conscious of how dry my lips became as it defined all my lines - it's not a pretty sight. 

Am I going to use them? yes, but I will have to do a lip mask before hand or apply some sort of gloss on top that will not disturb the colour. Do I reccommend these? It's a give or take - I heard mixed reviews and it really depends on the person and how your lips handle the product. I personally think the NYX Liquid Suede's are a much better formula that is matte and moisturising.  I guess the search for a perfect nude liquid lipstick continues.

That is all for this post, I hope you've enjoyed it.

Until next time!

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  1. Push up looks so pretty! That's a shame it wasn't a MLBB color for you. It will probably wash me out too! I really love the liquid suedes. I may just stick with those!


    1. I love sandstorm! It mixes so well with their SMLC x

  2. Those look so great! I've never tried those Lingerie products before :D

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. Bit drying but the colours are beautiful! x

  3. Ooo thanks girl for this review! I was looking at these before but as someone who knows nothing about make up i was unsure, especially cause of the dryness!

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin'

    1. Thank-you for stopping by! Glad my review helped :) x

  4. I really wanted to buy these but you've warned me against it. Thanks for sharing how dry they are!

    Paris x

  5. I have some of these and I also found them drying. I just apply a lip balm before wearing the lip Lingeries to prevent that uncomfortable wear. Xx


    1. What kind of lip balm? I have the oil balm and the burt bees one?

  6. Great review! I tried the BabyDoll one and found the same thing. However they do look really great over the top of the Full Throttle lipsticks also by NYX!

    Daisy Wallis

    1. I've never tries the Full Throttle lipsticks, might have to check it out! x

  7. Push Up looks stunning! I might have to try that one out! x

  8. I've heard such mixed reviews on these. I don't think they're for me really, I used to love a matte lip but now I'm all about moisturising/cremesheen lipsticks. The colours are lovely though x

    Gemma Louise

    1. Me too, I like their SMLC but I find them a little drying too x

  9. I actually picked up Exotic too and I honestly hate it. The consistency when applying is patchy, and its fades off me so quickly. I am glad I only picked one shade up. Such a bummer :(

    Tash |

  10. Love this review, so honest. I do love the intense butter glosses,


  11. I've seen so many people rave about these but now that I've read your review I don't think I'm too keen on the dryness, most matte lip products are bad enough on my lines already.

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  12. Oh damn, these definitely wouldn't work for me then because anything that emphasises the lines on my lips always looks awful on me!

  13. Great post! I have the liquid suede and I like it, but I find it super drying as well. I am thinking of trying another brand to see if their formula works better for me.

    xx Victoria

  14. I picked up bedtime flirt a couple of weeks ago, I've only worn it once and removed it less than an hour later(because I didn't think the colour suited me) but it was quite hard to remove and I also did find that it made my lips quite dry but I'll definitely give it another go as the price tag is great and they do have a good selection of colours! I like the shade push up that you've got so I'll have to try that one out!

  15. Great post! I think I'll have to get one in Ruffle Trim. Such a gorgeous colour xo


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