Since moving to Hong Kong I have realised that I need to make an effort of using my eyeshadow palettes, rather than naturally reaching for one like I used to. When I was in the UK I wore a different palette almost every single day and here's why I don't anymore.

The weather is a huge contributing factor because have you tried blending your eyeshadow in a 30-degree room without air con? It's either too cold or too warm and that arm action you are doing is not going to help the heat. The air con has also been really drying out my skin and the dry eyelid situation is constantly on and off. If my eyelid is sore why would I use eyeshadow to irritate my skin?

Time is of the essence. I am constantly being rushed out of the house and do you think people are going to wait for me to do my 1-hour routine every day? I've mastered a 30 minute one so far including skin care so I am making improvements, I have done a few posts on minimal makeup here. Also since arriving at HK, I've worn eyeliner twice and I am an eyeliner addict.

Another thing that stops me is the brands that I have in my collection, which are all western based. I have seen little boutiques sell these brands like The Ordinary and Colourpop but trying to step into a different market I need to expand my collection and find out what is good and bad.

Because I'm in the Asian market, I've noticed that people are more influenced by natural makeup and Korean skincare and makeup. I'm sure you've heard of glass skin and the 10 step skincare routine that people have been talking about. When I wear a full face of glam people are staring. Not that I mind it but it's annoying. I like my brows also a bit bolder, more arched and defined and everyone else's is so natural. Maybe I'll get used to this or maybe I won't notice the stares one day.

Do I really care about what people think? Yes and No. I am leaning towards the NO side since I want to be myself and not have to schedule days that I can wear my beautiful palettes. It will take time to embrace being different. All in all, Hong Kong is treating me really well but I'm still working out a few things and how to feel more open.

What are your thoughts? Have you had any changes that made an everyday impact?

I hope you enjoyed the rambly post and this quick beauty related update.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. Your collection is beautiful. I personally have so many eyeshadows but I rarely use anything else than the same 2 or 3 shades..

    x Lisa |

  2. I'm definitely neglecting my palettes - I need to use them more x

  3. I feel like I only use around 3 palettes on rotation and then I neglect the rest of them! this is such a great post idea!

    Katie |

  4. I discovered a huge box of palettes I forgot I had recently. Definitely need to rotate them more!

  5. I used to be such an eyeshadow palette girl but now I'm more of a single cream shadow to save time, it's crazy how you can completely change your routine!

    Gemma Louise

  6. I don't wear eyeshadows that much, and when I do it is a quick swipe of a stick, haha!


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