Just a little update on how Hong Kong has been treating me. I'm really grateful that I have family here so I can stay with them and embark on this new adventure.


If you follow me on Instagram, I had a little cry before I left the house because my brother was being a little rebellious (he's 15) refusing to eat but I knew he was just upset that I was going so we went upstairs to have a little talk and I mostly did the crying.

On the way to the airport, I demanded that he sat with me in the taxi because he's the type of person who says 'I don't mind' all the time but I know he does really so I held his hand all the way to the airport. When I got everything checked in and my mum and brother were going to leave that's when the waterworks started again. He's growing up so fast and without a father figure in our life, I still feel like I'm disappointing him.


The first two weeks consisted of mainly settling in and I basically treat it like a holiday since my brother and sister came for two weeks. I ate a lot of food, did a lot of browsing (not shopping because I need to be good with my money), played badminton as a family just things we haven't really done together as a group in a long time.

Jet lag as you guessed was absolutely mental, I don't know how many times we napped. I finally met my nephew who is 11 months old and he fell asleep in my arms when we were shopping. that's one of the best memories along with sharing an ice cream with my niece. Shes so cute!

I experienced one of the worst typhoons and it was really eye-opening. My flat was actually swaying and I had to take travel sickness tablets to help with the dizziness.  People didn't really get hurt but the overall experience and aftermath of the place make you really appreciate everything you have as your not the only place that is affected.


I can't just focus on the things that are a sad or things that I haven't achieved yet so this is what I have achieved:
- Blogged for the most time this year,
- Really focused on my Instagram
- Experienced a lot of food that I wouldn't touch
- Being more patient and taking in the culture
- Spending time with loved ones.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. Aaahhh it sounds like a wonderful, but scary new journey!

  2. Such a big change - I'd love to visit Hong Kong x

  3. I hope you've managed to settle in! Hong Kong looks amazing and it's great that you've been blogging lots :) xo

    Char |

  4. This is such an amazing change for you, I hope you're settling in nicely xx

    Gemma Louise


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