Today I'm sharing my sunglass collection. Sunglasses are a great accessory to polish and finish off an outfit/look. I have been obsessed with sunglasses especially when I go on holidays and that's when  my sunglass addiction phase kicked off again in June. These sunglasses are my current staples that I opt for. Be very prepared of up-close photographs of my face, it's going to be a photo heavy post.

If you watch a lot of Youtube like me, you would have heard about the brand called 'Quay Australia' pronounced 'key', it has been all the hype since last year which is when I purchased my first pair of Quay sunglasses from Asos. The ones that I am showing you now are all 'Quay Australia'.
 These have a matte black frame which makes them quite edgy. The style is wayfarer and they have no real name for these, they are extremely light therefore very comfortable, although the nose area sometimes takes off my foundation. These are the ones that I opt for when I want a simple look.

These are exactly the same as the matte black ones but has a clear white frame and yellow/brown tint in the lenses -it looks like your looking through a cup of herbal tea. They are also very comfortable to wear and just as light as the black ones. I bought these from Asos and they were just called 'Clear' sunglasses.

These are an absolute beauty, I love the laser cut detail in the metal frame. The shape of these are slightly rounder and because of the metal frame, they are the heaviest out of my collection. I feel these are difficult to wear since it wears down on my ears and makes it a little painful. When I wear these it is only for a short amount of time. These are called 'Estelle'.

I purchased this pair within a Birchbox Subscription, these are called 'Koshe Black Tortoiseshell'. They have a rounder shape but the frame almost gives it a cat eye effect. These are quite small compared to all my other sunglasses, they are very light and the reflective purple lens makes it very different and eye catching. 

All these were purchased when I was abroad; either in Korea or Hong Kong. These all have reflective lenses which tells you my obsession with them. These were soo affordable so I had to pick them up - I actually wanted more but I couldn't find any other stores that stocked them.

Starting with these ones, I bought them in South Korea at a market stall in Dongdaenum- the places where you 'haggle'. The frame of these is very distinctive with the metal bar crossing the top of the lens and between the brows. Not to mention the reflective pink lens are what drew me to them. These are very light and comfortable to wear. I often wear these when I am wearing a simple outfit. I saw these back in Hong Kong but the owner of that store tried to charge me 10x that price. I'm so glad I own these since I won't clash with anyone.

Okay, so these have no names since I bought them in HK but I've named them as 'aviators' since they are aviator style. I love the reflective silver lens, the bar detail and how it is slightly angled at the corner of the frame . The frame doesn't touch my cheek because of the nose pad, so they sit nicely on my ears too. These are my most reached for sunglasses right now. 

I've named these 'Bug' - since they make look like I have alien/bee like eyes but that what draws me to them. They are so big and just 'individual'. They are once again a silver reflective lens, they have a slight detail on the nose bar and the ear of the sunglasses. These sit quite high since it has a 'jewel' on the nose pad which lifts the frame higher. I've yet to wear these for a long period of time.

These are also from Hong Kong. They have a silver reflective lens, brow bar detail and angled frame towards the nose. I would describe it having a slightly squared frame. These sit low of my face naturally and I feel like I'm in the 60's. These are very light and comfortable to wear too. 

That is all for my sunglasses collection, your probably sick of looking at my face. I don't think I will be extending my sunglasses family but the QUAY X DESI ones are just soo tempting. What style of sunglasses are your most reached for?

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  1. What a gorgeous collection! I especially love the Estelle ones by Quay Australia it's just a shame they hurt after a while! x

  2. I've been dying to get my hands on quay sunnies.Literally dying even more now.Excuse me.Hahaha

  3. In love with all your mirrored sunnies, im loving them at the moment, they make everything so chic!

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin'

  4. I am a huge fan of aviators and contact lenses online india right now. Both of those styles are on heavy rotation. Love all your picks!

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