I am all around a sensitive skin person, whether it comes to scent or skin, I easily break out due to slight weather changes or stress. I have had sensitive scalp for a very long time but I chose to ignore it and carried on with products that work well with restoring moisture and volumizing my hair.

I have ombre hair but mine is basically natural root growth since I have not coloured my hair in 2 years. I get dandruff and the ends of my hair are dry. Every time I wash my hair I dread it since I know I'm bound to start scratching my scalp afterwards. I have been looking into products that help relieve scalp and get that moisture back into my roots without irritating the scalp so I thought I would share my tip and products that have been working well for me so far.


I have used many shampoos and many different brands in the past which help with restore moisture, dandruff problems and volumise your hair since my hair is naturally quite flat. I wash my hair every 2-3 days depending how greasy it gets or if I can't stand the level of itchiness I get - sounds gross but I can't wash my hair in the shower since the product gets into my skin and then I get acne over my body so I am a 'hair over the tub' kind of girl.

 I have been doing quite a lot of research on sensitive scalp and dandruff and I know the Neutrogena T-Gel is a popular option among many people - this does not work for me at all and makes my scalp so itchy - the smell is also horrendous as well . Why bother washing your hair if it's going to stink? - Sorry for those this product has helped out but it's not for me.

Since my hair is brassy, I use a purple shampoo - this dries my hair out my hair but I use it to counteract with my brassy/orange tint, I only use this on the end of my hair and does not touch my scalp at all since it is pigment.

Shampoos for scalp care is difficult to come by and I found the L'Oreal Professional Sensi Balance which is for sensitive scalp - I read soo many reviews on Look fantastic and this one sound the best for me to try out.  This shampoo is easy to lather, has a gentle cooling effect and makes my scalp very clean and it might be a psychological thing but I do not scratch my scalp at all when I use this. Also, the scent is lovely and I am a fan of this product.

There are many shampoos that I want to try out such as the Salon Science For Scalp relief since it is more accessible via boots but I don't mind online shopping. I have to say that the L'Oreal shampoo is pricey for the amount of product you get but I think it's worth every penny.


Use conditioner only on the ends of your hair! I need conditioner to restore the moisture my purple shampoo has stripped, I do not have a preference in conditioner as long as my hair feels soft and restored. I have been using the Christophe Robin Volumising Conditioner- the texture is quite thick and feels like a cream more - it's the type of conditioner that feels like there's nothing there but you can instantly feel your tresses magically smooth.

Instant Relief

I have been using the Salon Science HydraSoothe Cooling Spray which provides instant relief and restore the moisture back into your roots juts like a leave in conditioner, it has a cooling effect which helps relieve the itchiness and can be used on dry and damp hair or whenever you need it.


I find that brushing my hair really helps massage my scalp, especially with a Tangle Teezer as it soothes the scalp, for the rest of my hair a use a large paddle brush since my hair can get quite tangled.

Hair Dryer

You're probably thinking that drying your hair is an easy thing but when you have a sensitive scalp, drying your hair makes it painful. You need to put your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting to help soothe the scalp not to mention taking hair drying breaks. I find that using a hair dryer can dry out your hair so you need a heat protectant like the Salon Science Hydrasoothe Cooling Spray and a hairdryer than can help restore moisture such as the Panasonic Hair Dryer*.

The Panasonic Hair Dryer has three heat settings and three speeds settings which allow you complete control, blasting hot air on your scalp does nothing for your sensitive scalp but make it itchier. It also contains slight acidity that has the same PH level as your scalp just like a face toner for your skin not to mention restoring moisture levels. We all invest in straighteners and curlers that do the job well so why not a hairdryer that can make your hair more smooth, manageable and soothe the scalp.

I hope you've found this post helpful for those who have a sensitive scalp like me, if you have any recommendations for me, please leave me a comment.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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NB! * Please note this post is collaborative but all words and opinions are my own. 


  1. Sounds like your definitely giving it a Goodge at restoring your hair. Maybe try head & shoulders anti dandruff shampoo & conditioner if you haven't already? I need to get myself a tangle teaser!

    Isobel x

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    1. I've tried it but it doesn't work for me 😭 x

  2. I love L'oreal. Find it works really well with my hair. And the Tangle Teezer is a life saver.

  3. Really want to try all of these, they look great.

  4. I really want to try out that L'Oreal shampoo, it looks great!

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