Black Friday seems like is was ages ago and that is when I went a little wild with all the awesome offers they had on - I placed 3 separate orders and like my previous Colourpop Haul and the Morphe Brushes X Kathleen Lights palette, I used a forwarding service to get my goodies which I have explained in my previous post.

Starting with the eyeshadows and highlighters, the Super Shock Eyeshadows have an incredible bouncy texture and is super pigmented, I love the shades that I have picked out. They are mostly a quad from the Peachy Keen set and the Where The Light Is - a collab with Kathleen Lights.

The Peachy Keen set has the following four shades; Cornelious, Crimper, Kennedy and Bandit. Cornerlioius is part of the ColourPop X Kathleen Lights collab, it is a matte light brown - a beautiful transitional colour, Crimper is a golden shade with glitter in a metallic finish - this would look amazing as a topper, Kennedy is a peachy orange shade in a matte finish and Bandit is  warm brown in a matte finish which is perfect as a crease colour for me.

The Where The Light Is foursome is one of the quads that I felt I needed to own mainly because I am obsessed with Kathleen, I will recommend this for people who are just getting started on Colourpop and love the golden browns. The foursome includes the following shade; Cornelious, Glow, Blaze and Kathleen Lights. Cornelious was duplicated therefore I gave to my sister, Glow a matte creamy vanilla but looks white on my skin tone - this will be a great browbone highlight, Blaze is beautiful bronze brown with glitter and Kathleen Lights is a bright golden copper.

The Super Shock Cheek also has the same bouncy texture as the eyeshadows and is just as pigmented, I love the shade Wisp I already have and wanted to try out the limited edition Churro highlighter since it came back in stock when I ordered. Churro is a peachy glitter highlighter which looks amazing swatched - I can't wait to use it.

Onto lips which are the biggest ever lip haul I have done, I mainly hauled the Ultra Satin Lip since it's my favourite formula but I also picked up a Lip bundle and also received the Ultra Metallic Lip with my order.

Starting with the lip bundle For Fox's Sake, this contains 5 different lippies; My Jam, Echo Park, Trap, Man Eater and Beeper. My Jam is warm gold nude with silver and gold glitter in an Ultra Glossy Lip, Echo Park is a warm peach nude in an Ultra Satin Lip, Trap is a nude with a grey undertone in an Ultra Matte Lip, Man Eater is a rose gold shimmer in an Ultra Metallic Lip and Beeper a warm taupe in an Ultra Matte Lip. I really wanted to try out Beeper and the Ultra Metallic Lip for the festive season.

As mentioned before I received the Ultra Metallic Lip free for spending over $30 and picked the colours Kween and Zebra. Kween is a burnt red with gold glitter and Zebra is rosy brown. I found that Kween swatched a bit patchy not matter if I went over it, Zebra is much pigmented.

Onto the highlight of all, my crazy Ultra Satin Lip from this order, I picked out some limited edition ones from the holiday collection, the Hello Kitty Collection and the Katheleen Light collab. The following colours are: Point Zero - a cooled toned brown from the Kathleen Lights collab, Double Tap - a bright peach pink which almost looks neon, Screenshot - a peachy nude, Echo Park - a warm peach nude, Tiny Chum - a light pink mauvey nude from the Hello Kitty collection, Alyssa - a light muted pink from the Kathleen Light collab, November -a warm peach pink part of the Kathleen Light Collab, Frick n Frack - a rosy terracotta shade, Baracuda - a deep rose, Hutch - a deep black purple and Wink - a deep berry, part of the Holiday collection.

My favourite colour so far has been Frick n Frack, Baracuda and Screenshot but they all look darker on my lips. I might give Hutch away since it looks straight up black on me but I will be experimenting more with these colours. I am a crazy for buying all these at once but I tell myself if I have all my favourite shades now, I won't be as tempted to make another order..... until they come out with something I must own... haha.

Hope you've enjoyed this wonderful haul, I'm so proud of these swatch photographs so you probably be seeing these on Instagram. If you have been loving Colourpop like me share your favourite items and I used My Mall Box again to get these over and avoided customs, I have a referral code here, so please use it, don;t forget to check out the previous Colourpop Haul and Morphe Brushes X Kathleen Lights post for more detail.

I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed the goodies!

Until next time!
Joyce x
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  1. Beeper is what I have my eye on as well as so many other things, going to have to make an order soon!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

    1. Beeper is lighter than I imagined can't wait till I actually use it x

  2. I'm yet to buy anything from Colourpop but after reading this post my wish list has just about doubled! I am definitely going to try some of their products in the new year:)

    Emily xo

  3. Ah everything looks incredible! I really want to try some of the eyeshadows xx

  4. Wow that's an amazing Colourpop haul. I really love the Ultra Metallic Lips shades they are awesome..

  5. I can't cope with how jealous I am at all of these!! The For Fox's Sake set is absolutely beaut! Screenshot is one of my favourite lip shades lately xx

    Tamz |

  6. I need to try more form colorpop x


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