Back with a review, as a palette lover, I am very excited to review the BH Cosmetics X Shaaanxo palette. This is a dual sided palette with 9 eyeshadows and 9 lipsticks. I received this as a Christmas present and have been experimenting with the colours and shades.


The eyeshadows and lipsticks are separate and both have a magnetic closure which is ideal since the eyeshadows will not get into the lip colours. The eyeshadow side has a much bigger mirror compared to the other and has a pretty pink bubbly print. The overall packaging is cardboard and has some weight.


There are 9 eyeshadows in the palette and in terms of size they are bigger that the Morphe Brushes palette shadows. There are 4 matte shades and the other 5 has shimmer. In terms of formular, they are pigmented and easy to blend with and do not have much fallout but the matte red shade kicks up when you dab your eyeshadow brush in. 

Going across the first row, the lightest shade is a beige/cream in a matte finish and is the perfect eyeshadow base to set your eyeshadow primer. The second shade is a light champagne colour with a shimmery finish and will be perfect for inner corner highlight and browbone highlight. The 3rd shade along the first row is a rose gold in a shimmer finish.

Across the 2nd row, the first shade is a light peach shade in a matte finish, perfect as a transitional colour, the second is a warm brown in a shimmer finish and the 3rd is a rusty redbrown in a matte finish which I use in the crease as a transitional colour. 

Along the 3rd row, the first shade is cooled toned silver purple in a shimmery finish, the second a red/brown duochome colour with hints of blue and green and lastly a builadble matte black.

I love all the matte shades since they suit my skin tone very well and blend like a dream but I do not reach for the black often unless I am wanting to create a slight smokey eye , my favourite shimmer is the 3 that go diagonal - the rose gold, the warm brown and the slightly cool toned silvery purple as an eyelid topper. 

I think this is the perfect palette for everyday wear as it has a lot of variety, neutral colours and longevity. When I use this eyeshadow palette I don't reach for any others like I normally do and I find the mirror is handy.  I would say this is travel-friendy but keep your palette away from the warmth since the lipstick side will melt.


There are 9 lipstick shades in the palette with the same circumference as the eyeshadows, all these have the same glossy finish and is buildable depending if you are wanting a stain or an opaque colour. They are all quite sticky and has strong pigment.

From the first row, the first shade is a bright pink, the second is a coral pink and the third is a bright red.

From the second row, the first shade is a nude pink, the second a purple pink and the third a fuschia pink.

Along the last row, the first shade is a pale pink nude, the second a raspberry red and lastly a burgundy wine red.

I do recommend using a lip brush for this as it can get quite messy and to be honest, I don't think I would be reaching for the lip colours since I'm on a matte lip fad. I also found the darkest wine red shade to be less soft compared to the others which may be due to the pigment but they are all fantastic colours that you can customise with if you wanted to.

Overall it is a fantastic palette with a lot of versatility and is suitable for everyday wear. The eyeshadows are amazing to work and blend with and the lip colours have good pigmentation. This is a very affordable brand and palette on the US website but in the UK it is £18 but I would still get the palette for the eyeshadows alone.

I hope you've enjoyed this review! 

Joyce x

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  1. I'm just not a big fan of lipstick palettes, because it's not travel friendly. Who wants to reapply your lipstick on bus using palette and brush. It's just too complicated. But the eyeshadows are great, especially the mustard color. :)

    Michelle Morchella

    1. Totally agree! I cannot understand why anyone, other than makeup artists, would find lipstick palettes convenient

    2. They're travel friendly! Like board an airplane, see your mom, be away for weeks kind of travel. Bringing a lipstick palette means that I have a variety of colors to choose from without bringing a lot of items. My two cents. :)

  2. This palette looks good and so affordable! Although lip stick palettes aren't my favourite I would still definitely use this as the colours looks so nice maybe just for a blog make up look or something!! i love your photography in this post! xxxx

  3. The eyeshadow palette looks like a great travelling palette, it has enough neutrals and colours to transition into a nighttime look.. i really like the look of the redy brown colour


  4. I'm actually here for the lipstick palette. :D Odd one out. I'm not really an eyeshadow girl. Thanks for the review. The lip colors are indeed nice.


  5. The eye shadows look amaaaazing! Can imagine they look lovely on you. Don't think I'd be interested in the lip kit though, not the biggest fan of a glossy lipstick but I'm glad you're enjoying it! Photos are looking fab!! Gweni xxx

    1. Gweni, you are so sweet and thank-you, I've been trying to ramp up my photography skills x

  6. Those eye shadow shades are gorgeous! Being totally honest, I'm not sure I would use the lipstick palette because it seems a little inconvenient to use (and I much prefer matte lips!).

    Emily xo

    1. You would need to carry a lip brush with you and imagine if you dropped it on the floor when you are reapplying your lips... I'll be 💔 x

  7. I love the look of the shadow palette but the lip colours don't appeal at all xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

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