It's never too late for posts like these sharing our favourites throughout the year. I have to say I needed to look back at my monthly favourites to do this since I forgotten what I loved in the first half of the year, so I probably should do an end the first half of the year in the future so it's not super long and I don't end up forgetting half the stuff that I adored. Skincare is a really huge part of me - good skin equals good makeup and I love the products I'm sharing today.

Starting off with how I first apply my skincare in the morning, I always use a toner, followed by the Missha Time Revolution Treatment Essence which provides extra hydration to your skin and help minimise pores. I picked this up in South Korea back in the summer and I have not stopped using this, I need to repurchase this but it's twice as expensive so I am on the lookout.

The Missha Ampoule is the next item that has been a favourite too which goes hand in hand with the essence lotion, this provides extra nurtients that your skin needs and I feel that my skin become more smooth and plumper when I use this, I also am running low on this so I am using is sparingly and only of areas of my face where I need this.

There hasn't been a standout serum that I found this year but I love using the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster for under my eyes to help hydrate. I found that this has helped my milia under my eyes and have prevented more fine lines from appearing. I get really dry under eyes and this is a treat not to mention the delicious scent.

There has been two stand out moisturisers for me, the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation and the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I have mentioned the OH Sheer Transformation so many times on here but it is a lovely lightweight cream that provides the right amount of hydration that your skin needs which I only use at night. The Charlottle Tilbury Magic Cream works wonders as a makeup base and also as an intense moisturiser when you feel your skin needs that extra kick - I feel my skin is a lot plumper in the morning when I use it at night and it has a lovelly tea scent.

This last year I have been suffering from irritated skin and have been on the hunt to find something to soothe my eyelid area and my sister gave me the Paw Paw Moisturising Balm to try out, I simply love this it has helped my irritated skin soo much as it is no longer scabby. I pop this on day and night now as a routine. I also use this as a lip balm -  there is no scent and is hydrating and calming on any part of your body.

Still, on skincare, I love using face mists to give my skin an extra step of hydration since I have oily and dry combination skin, I find that the Mario Badescu Facial Spray really helps soothes and cool down my skin and can also be used underneath my makeup as a primer or a quick hydration boost. The scent smells relaxing and I can trust this to prevent flaky skin situations.

I've never been a person who relies on a cleaning device to help clean my skin at the end of the night but I have not stopped using the Foreo Luna with my normal makeup removing routine. Once I've finished with the cleansing oil, I go in with a mousse cleanser which I use this hand in hand with the device, I feel that extra pulse helps get rid/bring up the impurities that can be on my face and improves my blood circulation. There are two pulse settings on the device - I use the stronger setting with my mousse cleanser and the second setting with my hot cloth cleanser. Safe to say I do not need to exfoliate my skin that much and it's a relaxing step to have.

Onto body care - there has been two stand-out body moisturisers for me, I am really bad at moisturising especially in the summer but my moisturising game has been going strong since Autumn, I love the Rituals Magic Body Cream and apply this after I bath or shower and you can still smell the scent the next day - my skin feels soo soft and hydrated and it's truly a treat when I use this. With it being a little drier and a lot colder I need something that can give me intense hydration especially since I wear a lot of ripped jeans and my knees get the bulk of the dry wind. The L'Occitance Ultra Rich Cream is fantastic at nourishing your skin and prevent dry patches which are what we definitely need in this cold Winter.

That is all for this hope, hope you've found many amazing wonders to share with me.

Until next time!

Joyce x
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  1. Great beauty finds, i have been wanting to try the ole henriksen vitamin c serum but its hard to find stuff like these in my country
    thanks for your thoughts

    1. You welcome, I think you can get it off Lookfantastic? They do international delivery I believe! x


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