Today I'm introducing the Mini Rainforest Collection that I have been trying out, giving you my full review and all the little details that you need to know. As a huge skincare junkie, I am always excited to try out new products. These Mini Rainforest friends are suitable for extremely sensitive skin like mine and are perfect for cleansing your skin with.

In this collection there are four rainforest creatures; Sloth containing bamboo charcoal, Monkey containing mineral rich red clay, Tree Frog containing mineral-rich green clay which purifies your skin and Toucan containing 100% pure Konjac. I find them all to be very cute and they are individually wrapped for protection.
A little bit about Konjac. Konjac is a perennial plant found is Asia and is a natural food source containing 97% water and rich in minerals. The Konjac fibres are known for its health benefits and work wonders on the skin without any irritation or damage. These rainforest friends are made from a mixture of Konjac plant fibre and Fench Clays including red, green and bamboo charcoal which means there is something for everyone.

These Konjac Pore Refiners are a natural method to cleanse and exfoliate your skin and is eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. The small compact shape makes is perfect to clean the crevices around your nose, chin and even cheeks where larger pores develop. I have been using this over my Foreo Cleansing Device. I found this really gets into the small places where my Foreo can't get into.
The sponge slightly expands when you soak it in the water and has a string which makes it hanging dry easy. It has a silky and springy texture with a unique net-like structure. I use this in circular motion focusing on areas where I have larger pores and it is really gentle to the skin. You can use this with or without a cleanser and I normally use this with a cleanser to deep cleanse my skin. I have noticed I have suffered from fewer breakouts on my cheeks and chin and less flaky skin from dehydration which makes applying my skincare and makeup better.
Because not everyone has the same skin type, I made my little brother who is 14 to use this too and he has dry, acne prone skin and suffers from blackheads. I gave him the Toucan containing 100% pure Konjac and there have definitely been some skin changes where he has less dry and flaky skin, therefore, a smoother appearance. I have also have noticed he has a lot fewer blackheads on his nose and I am going to make him continue to use it haha!

Overall I really like this product and I have not touched my Foreo device since. This mini sponge gently exfoliates even on my sensitive skin and I have not suffered from any reaction. I really like the size and softness of the sponge- how it cleanses hard to reach places. This will be soo easy to travel with as it is compact and I will be taking this with me to travel rather than my heavy Foreo device. I have to say this is suitable for all ages and all skin types and are also great little gifts for people. These are £6.99 each and are now available on The Konjac Sponge website. If you're looking for a gentle exfoliating sponge I really rate this one. Thank-you to The Konjac Sponge team who sent these out to me to review and test out. This review is not sponsored and all my opinions are honest and genuine like always.

I hope you enjoyed this review and has helped all the skincare junkies out there like me who was sceptical about trying out a Konjac Sponge.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. I think you've sold me, always wanted to try out a knojac sponge but get so scared - must invest!! x

  2. Ooh these look fantastic! And the packaging is so cute!!

    Emmy x
    Whispering Twenties

  3. Thanks fab post..I've not seen these yet. I have a Konica and sensitive skin, these Rainforest friends sound fab!
    H x


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