We all know that wedding season is approaching and you're probably starting to look through a lot of dresses or maybe even started panicking. This time last year my sister's wedding was in May so I was buying a million dresses and kept sending them back since they weren't what I was looking for and I was buying them for the sake of buying. It all depends on down to what role your playing in the wedding when you come to dress choices and what part of the day you are going to. I've split this into 3 categories and they are mostly from Asos since I have next day delivery so if you are in panic mode you'll get them to you tomorrow.

For my sister's wedding, I was there for the whole day and had to change twice since the evening event was very glam so I ended selecting a full-length gown which I purchased from a brand called Maya from Asos. It was £95 and is the most expensive dress I've ever purchased. Personally, I'm not that type of person to spend loads on a dress that I am wearing for a one-time event. My day dress was a simple mint green off the shoulder dress from Missguided which I wore for 4 hours and that was only £25.

One thing I have to say is don't choose or try to avoid the same colour as the bridesmaid. And don't wear white, red or black to attend. Obviously, you wouldn't want to offend the bride by wearing white, red is only accustomed for the bride especially in the Chinese culture unless you are the mother of the bride or the mother in law. And black is a colour that reminds me of a funeral or something really sad which I avoid too.


1. Grey crepe one shoulder bow sleeve midi dress or
2. Maya sequin tulle midi skirt with embellished waist
3. ASOS bandeau knot top midi bodycon dress
4. ASOS high neck strappy scuba midi bodycon dress
5. Missguided grey one shoulder maxi dress
6. ASOS bow back midi bodycon pencil dress



That is all for my little inspo which I hope helps you out! If there is anything you want me to create a wishlist post on like this one please comment below.

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. These are all so pretty, I want to get invited to a wedding for an excuse to dress up.

  2. I have a wedding to attend in half year and I am very excited. I do love the second and third dress the most and I will definitely think about them. Thank you for a recommendation xx

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