Welcome back to another empties post, I am still on my spending ban therefore I have been using my makeup and skincare stash and have not bought anything at all, writing this up, I really need a new foundation since I only now have my summer shade which is about 3 shades too dark and I only have a pump or two left in the EX1 Foundation. I digress so let's take a look through my trash.

This is one of the products that are my ride or die. I always use this toner in the morning and night to hydrate my skin after cleansing and it works so well, it has a slightly thicker liquid consistency which I find really soothing on my skin and normally I put a couple of drops of this onto the palm of my hand and pat it into my skin. This is a really affordable toner and I have been using this for over 6 years. This is not included in the photo since I tidied my desk and threw the bottle away.

I think I've only mentioned this a couple of times on the blog, but I have been using this for years now, it is the perfect hydrating moisturiser that works as a makeup base. This is a little hard to find now and I have only seen it online on amazon. This creates a slightly tacky texture and really preps your skin for makeup, I only use this in the morning when I wear makeup. I love the matte version of this too but it's more of a summer moisturiser since I get oilier skin due to the warmer climate.

When this first came out it was perfect for what I was looking for in a gel consistency moisturiser that helps with tired skin. I love the orange scent which is very refreshing, this sinks into your skin easily and I use this either at night as a light moisturisers or in the day when I'm not planning to wear makeup. I have 2 backups of these since I love stocking up the Christmas sets and if you looking for a gel moisturiser, this is a good one to start with. 

I've tried a fair few hot cloth cleansers in the past and always come back to this one. This is seriously an under-hyped product and deserves more recognition. I know that loads of people love the Liz Earle one but personally that one really stings my eyes. This one is very affordable especially when Superdrug has offers on, it is perfect for double cleansing your skin and leaves your skin hydrated and supple. This has a muslin cloth included and I always stock up on this and I recommend it to all my friends. I opt for the radiance version since it gives me a brighter complexion which I have received compliments on. What more can you ask for in a skincare product that actually makes a difference?

This is a foundation that is formulated for olive and yellow skin undertones and has a buildable medium to full coverage. It creates a really flawless natural finish especially with a beauty blender and I don't want to go too in-depth since I have a whole review. I have been really loving this foundation and sad that I only have a pump or two left. It covers my blemishes quite well but I do go over to spot conceal with a concealer on my scars. This is another affordable foundation and if you have trouble for undertones that are suited to your olive/yellow undertone tone they have brought out more shades. Also, Look Fanstastic always has offers on so if you looking to save, wait for the discount codes that are literally sent out every day or on Asos if you have a student discount code.

This is a drugstore cult product which everyone loves so I am not going to ramble too much about it. I only purchase the waterproof formula since I have oily eyelids but this mascara lengthens and volumizes my eyelashes which are what I look for in a mascara. 

The tattoo liner is a cult favourite with its pen-like tip which gives perfect precision, the ink liner which I have here is a felt tip liner, this works well but it easy to go overboard since the nib is thicker and like all felt tip liners with time the nib start to pull so when you do try to apply a wing liner it's not very precise, I like this but I prefer the tattoo liner much more. 

I purchased this off Beautybay and really wanted to do a full face using LA Girl but I don't do YouTube so that was out the window. I was really sold by Jlinhh on this eyeliner, the queen of all eyeliners but the felt tip nib just was not good enough, it seems like the nib was never fully covered with product, therefore, my wing was difficult to create. Like the Kat Von D Ink liner, it is easy to go overboard, although this is affordable it dried up within a couple of days. So I don't recommend this. 

I love how there is a setting spray that sits nicely in the middle price point, I love the Urban Decay one but to fork out £25 every time breaks my heart. I have tried quite a few scents of the Slay All Day Setting Sprays; Green Tea, Jasmine, Peach and Cucumber. I am currently using the Cucumber scent which smells light and fresh and so far it's my favourite scent. Jasmine is the only one that I did not get along with and had to stop using because of the scent, It smells like I've been dunked with a huge bag of flowers which is not pleasant - and reminds me of an air freshener ad where you're just covered with roses. The Peach scent was also very pleasant as well as Green Tea, I do have to say I have to cover my eyes when I spray these since I have very watery eyes and anything I use to set my face sets my watery eyes off. Once you find the right scent this setting spray enhances the longevity of your makeup and prevents that 'too powdery' look. I really rate these setting sprays and they don't spit on you or leave white marks on your skin. 

That is all for this post, hope you have enjoyed these mini reviews!
Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. So many cooks products ! I'm obsessed with skin care and I saw here some that I would love to try
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  2. So many affordable things to try here ;) I'm going to buy the Superdrug cleanser as an alternative to Liz Earle.

  3. The origins moisturiser looks great! I've been using the heavier make a difference plus moisturiser. The Ginzing is definitely something to try :)

    x Helen


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