APRILSKIN Calendula Peel off pack review


Easily persuaded by Instagram ads, the APRILSKIN Real Calendula Peel Off Pack has been haunting me. Being the skincare junkie, I hunted this down for a while and here are my thoughts on this mask.

So who is APRILSKIN?
APRILSKIN was founded in 2014 and is a Korean cosmetic and skincare brand that focuses on healthy skin using naturally derived ingredients. I have stumbled across this brand a view times seeing the Turn Up Colour Cream and BB Cushions. From this Real Calendula range, there are three products: Peel Off Pack, Moisture Essence and Peeling Pad.

What we know
The peel-off pack contains 2,000ppm of original calendula flower to clarify and soothe your skin. The floral ingredients inside and flower oil help moisturise skin at the same time. It also claims to remove dead skin cells and controls sebum. Sounds very appealing to me.

How to use
- Shake well
- Apply on clean skin
- Use an even layer
- Wait 30 mins
- Peel and rinse off

Does it work?
The consistency is quite running and can be a handful to apply which is why I recommend using a silicone brush to evenly distribute the product. I do apply more to my t-zone area but not enough to drip off.

I have used this mask over a month now and about once or twice a week. On the first go, I did not apply enough so when I went to remove the mask I did not see much of an effect but noticed my skin felt a lot smoother and more matte compared to my naturally oily skin. 

I continue to use this pack when I have breakouts but not on open spots and it helps reduce the redness and sensitivity on my skin while restoring moisture and removing dead skin cells that are around my non-active spots.

When I remove the mask, I use an upward/towards the centre motion and peel it off slowly so the mask can lift off any impurities - for me that is excess sebum and whiteheads. I wouldn't say this is a painful mask but if it gets on your hairs it does hurt when you peel it off and it even takes off a few facial hairs. My most noticeable areas are my nose and chin where my pores are larger but I am not a person that has blackheads.

The mask helps calm and soothe my skin while cleaning out my pores and removing dead skin cells but the results are not as dramatic as you see on the Instagram ad. It is recommended you use this for 4 weeks to see good results and I do have clearer skin/pores especially on my nose. I like how the mask always comes off as one so you don't have messy bits and I enjoy the 30-minute waiting time where I can catch up on some TV or socials. Will I purchase this again? Yes.

I have reviewed the APRILSKIN Magic Snow BB Cushion and I will like to try more from APRILSKIN. This product is now stocked in selected Mannings and Watsons stores in Hong Kong. You can get this directly from the April Skin website which ships worldwide or on Ebay.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. Ooh its so interesting to see that you liked this despite larger pores on your nose. I have the same problem and always feel like peel off masks make the pores appear even bigger so avoid them. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this!

    Soph - x

  2. Ooh it sounds great! Especially with how it calms and soothes your skin, whilst cleaning out your pores and removing dead skin cells. I've never used a peel off mask before - I'm too scared it will hurt haha xo

    Char |

  3. This sounds fantastic! I love a peel off mask, they’re great for refreshing the skin without making a huge mess!
    Emma |

  4. I really do love peel off masks! I would definitely give this a try xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

  5. This sounds so good! I’ve actually never heard of this brand but I’m really partial to a good pore cleaning mask x


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