The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with antioxidants Review

The Ordinary Mineral SPF's came out a while ago and being obsessed with sunscreen this was a must try especially with a price tag of £8.95. I normally wear SPF 50 especially since I live in a hot and humid country but this is is the highest SPF value that The Ordinary has launched. I am a huge fan of the Ordinary with Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% being one of my favourite products.

Claims and Formula 

This mineral SPF protection has antioxidants and claims to help with hydration and irritation. With refined micronised Zinc and Titanium it claims to be lightweight as we know Zinc helps refract light and absorbs UV rays. I've also taken the mineral UV filter formula below from the site.

The technologies shared in Mineral UV Filter Formulas’ are: 
Bio-Active Antioxidant NetworkA potent combination that scavenges and neutralizes free radicals, minimizes the intensity of UV radiation penetrating the skin, visibly protects biological membranes and supports the skin response to UV exposure.  
Bio-Sugar ComplexA unique blend of hygroscopic molecules with Multi-layer coverage providing both short and long-term hydration and also naturally increases skin’s own capacity to hold water. 
Skin Identical LipidsLipids that visibly restore the compromised barrier and prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 
Tasmanian PepperberryRich in flavanones, anthocyanins, and minerals, this active technology helps to calm stressed skin, acting almost immediately.


In their normal squeezy moisturiser/cleanser packaging, the mineral range has a rose gold finish. The tube is handy for you to get a controlled amount of product but with time the sunscreen dries around the opening leaving dry and cracked bits.

My thoughts

Being a mineral filter SPF it has a white cast leaving my skin ashy and sometimes purpley. The product itself is extremely thick and takes time to blend out, I drag this all the way down to my neck and it leaves a satin finish. I do wait a while before I apply any primers or foundation so it's not as tacky when you first apply. There is a slight scent that reminds me of playdough but it does not linger.

I have found that it does not work well with primers on top especially liquid primers and having oily skin I have tried the product with and without. Without any sebum control primer, it makes my foundation sink into fine lines that my normal foundation and sunscreen will not. I also found that with my oily skin naturally, my base starts to separate at the 6-hour mark on my t-zone with my chin being the worst.

With acne prone and sensitive skin, I have noticed a considerable amount of dry flaky patches on my t-zone area and with 4 days of consecutively using this product I have been breaking out bad (under the skin spots) especially on my chin, nose and I have a huge horn on my forehead. I have also noticed that my neck has dry flaky skin which has not happened before.

Do I recommend it?

Although I am not suffering from an allergic reaction my skin does not like this SPF at all. My skin is so dry and flaky especially on my t-zone and neck area, along with the breakouts this is not something I would recommend at all. There are much better SPF's on the market that is also invisible on the skin and easy to blend out. Sorry, Deciem this is going in the bin and I need to save my skin.

Have you tried this?

Until next time!

Joyce x

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  1. This sounds awful for me, I was thinking about investing in something like this but I can’t be without a primer on top especially to control my oil! X

    1. I've was using sun milks previously so Im going to stick to just that! They are so lightweight x

  2. Ooh sounds like such a disappointing product! what a shame x

  3. Oh no, I'm so sad this didn't work for you. It doesn't sound like something that would work for me either as I have combination skin x

    Lauren |

    1. definitely one of my least favourite products from deciem x

  4. I've also heard bad things about this sunscreen, I'm surprised that they haven't got this one right. Especially as so many other products from them are brilliant!

    Sarah |

    1. there's an invisible version but the breakouts are not worth it x

  5. Oh it is a shame that you haven't had a very good experience with this, thank you for your honesty! :)

    Amy x

    1. I know! My skin hates me the most haha x

  6. I really dont understand why brands keep making sunscreens with outdated technology there are so many new and wonderful filters that could be used!

    Andrew James -

    1. I know! I always read what you post too! SO infomative x

  7. Aww that's such a shame it's such a disappointing product. I don't think I'd get on with it either!

    Katie | XX

  8. I haven't tried this and I don't think I'd get on with it, my skin is seriously oily!
    It's a shame that it didn't work for you x


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